Try This Fantastic CAT Sex Position

Sex is supposed to feel good–actually, it’s supposed to feel great! And though you don’t need to have an orgasm to enjoy sex, it’s no secret that orgasm is the high-point of pleasure for most men and women. However, this doesn’t mean that orgasms during intercourse are out of the question. In fact, orgasms that combine penetration with clitoral stimulation can be intensely satisfying for all parties involved.

One approach to orgasm-inducing intercourse involves the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT). This positioning and movement can provide a woman with both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, stimulate a man’s shaft and prostatic nerves and does not require any challenging gymnastic moves or flexibility. Hooray! Because we’re tired of swinging off chandeliers, right?

The CAT is a basic modification of the missionary position that involves the man riding up on a woman’s pelvis so they can rock and rub the clitoris against the base of his penis and/or pelvic bone.

Here’s the basic breakdown:
(1) The woman lies on her back and the man lies on top inserting his penis into the vagina.
(2) He then shifts his body upwards along hers (he can rest his hands/arms beside her head) so that the base of his penis and pelvic bone press firmly against her clitoral hood and pelvic bone.
(3) Often the CAT involves the woman pressing her pelvis upwards and wrapping her feet around his calves.
Play with synchronized rocking and rubbing movements as opposed to in-and-out thrusting.
(4) Some women find intensified pleasure in squeezing their legs together during the CAT to create greater friction and tension.This squeezing sensation can also intensify the male partner’s pleasure.

Sound technical? It’s really quite simple and feels a lot better than it looks on paper. Don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself!

Once you’ve got the hang of rubbing the clitoral hood and female pelvic bone against the hard base of the penis and/or male pelvic bone during intercourse, you can modify the CAT into a range of other positions on your side or even upside down.

If the CAT doesn’t make you tingle with passion, don’t feel the need to give up on intercourse entirely. No singular approach to pleasure works for every woman, but if you keep experimenting, you’ll find your triggers. Play with running water, vibrating toys, fingers, tongues and fantasy until you find your toes curling with pleasure beneath the sheets (or on the hood of the car as the case may be).

And ladies and gents, please don’t ignore all your other beautiful erogenous zones: the brain, breasts, thighs, backs of knees, feet, palms, neck, ears, belly, bum and more!

Some women can orgasm through fantasy alone and others can reach the heights of ecstasy with a little breast play. Others swear by anal stimulation, while some find sharing of far-fetched fantasies incomparable as a means to orgasmic release.

Combine any of these activities to find what works for you. With the right attitude and a healthy sense of humour, you should enjoy both the process and the end result.

Have fun experimenting and always practice safer sex!

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Dr. Jess (Jessica O’Reilly) is a sought-after sexologist with a PhD in human sexuality. She maintains a private practice in Toronto and travels the world to speak at events that promote healthy and deliciously pleasurable sex. From regular appearances on Cosmopolitan Television and Playboy TV to hosting retreats in the sunny Caribbean, she relishes in every moment! Check out her website, follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Originally published in Eligible

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  1. PhoenixM
    May 14, 2012

    Not trying to start an argument with anyone, but it’s very obvious that someone without a penis wrote this. Of course the rubbing against the clit would feel good for a woman. The problem is that guys don’t have a similar bundle of nerves *above* the penis, meaning that the grinding the author is suggesting would do absolutely nothing for the guy.

  2. twilight sparkle
    May 14, 2012

    if you and/or your partner have pubes, especially spiky regrowing pubes, i can’t imagine that this would feel that good for either of you. it’d be like taking a stiff-bristled hairbrush and just vigorously rubbing up and down on your clit and vulvae.

  3. Carol Hunt
    May 15, 2012

    Great article… thanks

  4. rightoncue
    May 20, 2012

    This works really well. I read about it many years ago and find it to be quite effective and enjoyable for both parties. Of course stubble decreases pleasure, in every position as far as I’m concerned, I’m 100% anti stubble! I’m a big fan of waxing or epilating, otherwise simply trim neatly and all will be well.