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Dr. Trina takes you behind the scenes and goes into what's it like to write a sex book.


Why I Didn't Want To Write Another Book

Recipe for love

I’ve decided to write another book called Amy Finds Her Sex. It wasn’t an easy decision. Not by a long stretch. In fact, it took many years to get to this point where I felt I had something worthy enough to write a book about.


What Is "Amy Finds Her Sex" About?

Whats it all about

Amy Finds Her Sex is a fiction, self-help book written around four women taking a university course on sex. Each woman is at a different age and stage of her life, unhappy with her sex life and wants to do something about it. But is she willing to put in the work?


Why You Should Read "Amy Finds Her Sex"

Reading erotica

In a traditional self-help book, the reader is asked to go through exercises to improve her present situation. In Amy Finds Her Sex, the reader gains insight and perspective from what the four characters do while going through each class exercise.