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Six Month Sex Challenge

After Dr. Trina's second child is born, she attempts to have sex at least once a week..and it usually doesn't go smoothly.


Six Month Sex Challenge--Introduction

Trina working

It’s been six weeks since I had my newest son, Evan, and it’s time to resume "sexual relations". After my first son--who is now 26 months--trying to get sex back on track was, at times, a complete gong show. That was with me making a concerted effort to have sex at least once a week.


SMSC--Week #1: How Do We Make Time For Sex?!?!?

Scheduling sex

With my first son, making time on weekends for sex was pretty standard and Saturday became “the day” to have sex. Admittedly, I was a bit smug that everything was going to go to my Six Month Sex Challenge plan.

And then all hell broke lose…