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Six Month Sex Challenge

After Dr. Trina's second child is born, she attempts to have sex at least once a week..and it usually doesn't go smoothly.


Six Month Sex Challenge--Introduction

Trina working

Originally posted in 2009. It’s been six weeks since I had my newest son, Evan, and it’s time to resume "sexual relations". After my first son--who is now 26 months--trying to get sex back on track was, at times, a complete gong show. That was with me making a concerted effort to have sex at least once a week.


Week #1: How Do We Make Time For Sex?!?!?

Scheduling sex

With my first son, making time on weekends for sex was pretty standard and Saturday became “the day” to have sex. Admittedly, I was a bit smug that everything was going to go to my Six Month Sex Challenge plan.

And then all hell broke lose…


Week #2: My Sexual Needs vs. the Bills & Jets Football Game

No strings massage

It turns out, getting my sexual needs met won’t be smooth sailing--unless I put my foot down and make it happen.

Lesson learned from last week: Finding time to have sex has become a lot more challenging with baby #2. I can no longer count on weekend naps to fit in sex. Crap!!!


Week #3: Finding Intimacy in the Funniest of Places

Oral sex

This week I focus on my husband’s sexual needs...but there were a few twists and turns before we were able to get there.

Lesson learned from last week: Having my sexual needs met won’t always be greeted with the type of enthusiasm I would like.


Week #4: What the !?*!?&? Was I Thinking Trying to Have Sex this Week?

Bad breath

I am at the end of the week stretched way too thin and stressed out. Not surprisingly, I was snappy with my husband for most of this week. And he in turn was snappy with me.

Lessons learned from last week: Intimacy can be found in so many places outside the bedroom--I just need to pay attention.


Week #5: Two and a Half Christmas Stories

Couple kissing

Two and a half stories for this blog. Both seem unrelated to my current sex life and, yet, both are integral to what is presently happening.

Lesson learned from last week: When I stretch myself too thin, I get snappy with my husband and, of course, I don’t want to have sex with him.


Week #6: New Year And A New Sex Life?

Trouble conceiving

Is good intention enough to help a flagging sex life?

Lesson learned from last week: Our sex life might never be the hot crazy sex like it once was; and yet we now can create something deeper and richer to take us over time.


Week #7: Breastfeeding Is Making Intercourse Uncomfortable


I need to use a silicone based lubricant, and lots of it, while I’m breastfeeding.

Lesson learned from last week: Trying to get sex back on track only highlights the couple sex and relationship challenges that weren't dealt with before the baby was born.


Week #8: The Best Foreplay Ever Is...

No strings massage

The best foreplay EVER is day dreaming of a warm all-about-me massage.

Lesson learned from last week: I will need to use plenty of silicone lube to make intercourse comfortable while I’m breastfeeding full time.


Week #9: Struck With The Baby Blues

Low desire

The We-Vibe is a freakin’ marvelous sex toy!

Lesson learned from last week: I’m really digging the weeks when sex is all about me and all my daydreaming becomes wonderful foreplay.


Week #10: Buying Lingerie Was A Bust

French lingerie

I thought buying a cute bra and panty set would help me feel sexy again. It did just the opposite.

Lesson I learned from last week: Using the We-Vibe vibrator wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it might be.



Week #11: It's An All-About-My-Husband Sex Palooza


It’s an all about my husband Valentine’s month—so we’re trying guy sex stuff.

Lesson I learned from last week: Learning to love my body won’t be as simple as buying a new set of lingerie. But at least I’ve made a start.


Week #12: Praise His Penis!

Man masturbating

Men deserve to have a toy of their own in your adult toy chest.

Lesson I learned from last week: Using the vibrating cockring made my perineum feel great.


Week #13: Finding Intimacy From A Board Game

Sex reduces stress

Intimacy has been shifted to my baby and I need to create it with my husband.

Lesson I learned from last week: Male masturbation toys are a positive alternative for couples in ‘dry’ periods of couple sex.


Week #14: It's Time To Try Porn

Buy sex toys

A little porn can add a lot of spice…it’s finding the right porn to suit your taste and values.

Lesson I learned from last week: Even though get my fill of intimacy with interactions from my children, it’s important I keep a solid intimate connection with my husband. And making that connection is so much fun.


Week #15: New Mom = No Sex Drive

Adventurous parents

Week #15 of the Six Month Sex Challenge: New moms are most likely not suffering from low libido, so ‘cures’ to help low libido are most likely not going to work.

Lesson I learned from last week: Porn can be a fun once in a while treat; HOWEVER I need to find porn that I like…