Ashley Thompson

Ashley thompson

Ashley Thompson is a PhD student at the University of New Brunswick in experimental and applied psychology with research interests in sexuality and attraction. Ashley completed her undergraduate degree at University of Wisconsin at River Falls in psychology. She is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and has moved to Canada for her graduate pursuits. Find out more at Follow Ashley on Twitter and Facebook.

Ashley Thompson's Articles and Videos

Introducing BDSM into Lovemaking

Light bdsm

Are you interested in trying BDSM but aren't sure how to introduce it to your partner? Here are sex excellent tips and to take those first BDSM steps.

Is Bisexuality Simply a Trend?

Bisexual women

A recent shift has made bisexuality--specifically among women--trendy. Adolescent and young adult women hook-up to gain the attention of men. Plus, find out the myths and facts about being a bisexual.

Are You Jackin' Off Too Much?

Man masturbating

My girlfriend doesn’t like it when I masturbate. She asked me how often and I said likely daily. She said this was too much, but when I asked her if us having sex everyday would be considered too much, she said no. So why would doing one everyday be more acceptable than the other?

Are Open Relationships More Acceptable?

Open relationship

As society becomes more liberal is it reasonable to expect a romantic partner to remain monogamous? Find out more about open relationship and whether it is more acceptable by society.

The G-spot, A-spot, and U-spot Orgasms

G spot

Ashley Thompson explains the difference between the G-spot, A-spot, and U-spot sexual orgasm and why there is still such a debate in the sexual scientific community about these "hot-spots".

Can Women Orgasm From Breast Stimulation?

Breast stimulation

Can anyone--woman or man--orgasm from breast or nipple sex stimulation? Plus watch an excellent video on how women love to have her partner handle her breasts.

Four Things to Know About Anal Sex

Anal sex3

Many of us are curious about anal sex...but don't know how to do it. Here are four things you need to know before slippin' through the back door. It's a great introductory guide to anal sex.

Why Arguments Lead to Make-up Sex

Edl  lazy day love in  2

Not all arguments will lead to sex; however, depending on the situation and the people involved, conflict can lead to great sex. This can be explained by the phenomenon known in psychology as the "misattribution of arousal".

University Students Want Threesomes?


The topic of group sex is not uncommon among discussions involving university students, yet fairly little is known about young people’s experiences with and interest in group sex. Here's what the research shows.

Having Sex With Your Smartphone?

Smartphone sex

According to one study, approximately 1 in 10 surveyed reported having used their smartphones during sexual activity. Although the stats sound  frightening, it should not come as a huge shock: young people report feeling “naked” without their smartphones.

Orgasm During a Workout?

Workout orgasm

Until recently, Exercise-Induced Orgasms were thought to be old wives tales or figments of people’s imaginations. Not any more. Plus find out seven health benefits to orgasm.

How Does Porn Influence Real Sex?

Porn reality

Find out how watching porn influences our sex lives and whether the effects of porn shapes our sex lives in positive or negative ways. Plus a panel discusses the difference between porn sex and real sex.