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Dr. Danielle Harel, Ph.D. and Celeste Hirschman, M.A., CelesteandDanielle.com, are Sex Coaches and Relationship Therapist who have created a revolutionary, new experiential method of therapy called the Somatica Method--they help couples, men and women live more passionate, connected and fulfilling lives. They are also the authors of Cockfidence: The Extraordinary Lovers Guide to Being the Man You Want to Be and Driving Women Wild. Follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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Asking For What You Want in Bed

Couple talking

People feel guilty about asking for what they want in sexually. Instead of understand whether their partner is up for it or not, they don't ask at all or only ask or for a small percentage of what they need.

What To Do For Low Testosterone

Testosterone therapy

Many men (and women) have low testosterone or hypogonadism. Before you consider taking testosterone understand the facts about testosterone replacement therapy. Instead consider these five ways to naturally boost your free testosterone.

3 Steps to Loving Your Body

Poor body image

It is one thing to say I want to love my body, and feel comfortable in my skin; it's another thing entirely to actually put that plan into action. Find out how your body image can profoundly affect your will, want and desire for sex.

Erectile Dysfunction: Three Psychological Causes

Physchological ed

If you feel comfortable and relaxed and have perfectly normal erections during masturbation but cannot get them with a partner, you are likely dealing with psychological ED.The three underlying causes that we have found are (1) performance anxiety, (2) impulse control (too much, not too little) and a (3) functional response to a dysfunctional situation.

Erectile Dysfunction: Too Much Control

Erectile dysfunction

Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction suffer from an impulse control problem--not too little control--but too much. Here are four sex tips on how to help with overcoming ED.

Erectile Dysfunction That is Caused By Performance Anxiety

Ed performance anxiety

It is not surprising that a lot of men experience performance anxiety. Once men experience a couple of erection failures, they begin to lose confidence in themselves, which leads to performance anxiety. What men don’t realize is that it is quite common, especially as they age, that erections are likely to come and go and not always be there exactly when you want them.

Managing Sexually Awkward Moments

Awkward sex

We have all experienced an awkward moment during sex. You move to take your shirt off, or your pants, or your body makes a funny noise. Instead of avoiding them, people need to begin embracing these awkward sex moments.

How To Talk To Your Partner About Unconventional Desires

Unconventional desires

Before talking with your partner about your more unorthodox desires, you need to clarify exactly what you want from the conversation. Here are three tips to start, as well how to bring up the conversation.

Five Reasons Men Lose Interest in Sex

Low sexual desire

Many men suffer from low sexual desires. Here are the five biggest reasons why, along side ideas on how he can manage. As well, find out how low testosterone affects men as they age.

Three Ways to Get In the Mood For Sex

Foreplay tips

In order for women to get turned on and have intense orgasms, she needs to get into follow these three tips. Because if she is waiting passively for her partner to excite her...she might just wait forever.