Denise J. Charles

Denise j charles

Denise J Charles holds a Master’s Degree in Education and is a qualified educator, counselor, motivational speaker and trainer. In addition to being a life and relationship coach, she is also the author of How To Have Mind-Blowing Sex Without Losing Your Brain and Your Baby is Coming Now Push. Denise serves as a regular contributor to and has appeared several times on Rogers TV’s late night show, Sex With Rebecca.  Denise is from the beautiful island of Barbados and is the Co-founder and Director of Better Blends Relationship Institute. She is also a wife and mother of three sons You can find Denise's thoughts on sex and sexuality on her popular blog Red Red Apples. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Denise J. Charles's Articles and Videos

Seven Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Boring sex

Where sexual excitement and sexual arousal are concerned there is always the element of choice. Here are seven ways couples can a deal with bedroom boredom.

Why Does Someone Cheat?

Why someone cheats

Why should anyone think something as simple as a wedding ring or a serious commitment will keep individuals out of each other's hearts or underpants? Plus find out the ten biggest influences on why someone will cheat on their partner.

If You Cheat Should You Tell?


Is it okay to wriggle out of an affair without confessing to your partner what had been done? How do you define an affair and should you take someone back who has cheated on you?

Say "Yes Please" to Quickie Sex

Quickie sex

Let’s be honest, in a normal week, how many of us really have the time to roll out the rose petals, scented candles and fragrant oils? We’re likely to reserve these things for special events, as we seek to grab our sex quota between the waking baby, complaining teenager and our morning coffee.

Six Strategies to Manage Extramarital Attraction

Extramarital attraction

If you are going to strengthen your marriages, you must first understand how extramarital attractions can happen and then devise practical strategies for coping with them when they occur. Here's are six strategies.

What Makes a Guy Sexy?

Men emotions

Guys who learn to be more in touch with their softer-kinder-gentler side and are experiencing the joys of being more open emotionally. Not surprisingly, this is leading to more fulfilling relationships and yes, even better sex.

17 Ways to Sweet Talk A Woman

Sweet talk

How can you sexually seduce a woman? It is a scientific fact women are more language oriented than men. Words can create that auto-response in a woman that will usually lead a guy to having hot sex.