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Dr. Brian Parker is the creator of Embrace board game. He also is owner of ForeverPleasure.com an on-line adult store that sells the very best product. Follow Dr. Brian on Twitter and Facebook

Dr. Brian Parker's Articles and Videos

Try These Ten Sex Positions

Sex positions

If you are getting bored with doing it ‘missionary’ or ‘doggy-style’ here are ten sex positions that will keep you busy--and happy--for months to 'cum'.

Man Expects Sex After Giving Massage

She wants massage
My girlfriend is all about massages. It always used to lead to sex, but lately she won't give it up after a rub down. I'm kind of confused. What is this all about?

Make Intercourse A Lot More Interesting

Duet cockring

Vibrating C-Rings are a guy's and gals best friend. Dr. Brian dishes on what is a great product and what's not. Find out the difference between "The Big O" and "The Duet".

Set a Spark with a Sensual Game


Sensual games are wonderful relationship tools to discover more about you and your partner. They provide hours of erotic entertainment and titillating adventure. Most sex games are quite cheesy although there are a few on the market that are great.

Mastering Male Masturbation

Tenga flip

It's no secret what every man's favorite toy is... his dick! Experts report that about 94% of adult men masturbate regularly. So why not do it with an amazing masturbation sleeve or device?

Warm Oil Sensual Massage

Jimmy jane candle

A reciprocal, sensual massage can be an utterly enjoyable experience. Not only is it relaxing, but it brings us closer to the one we love. And, it's just as good if we are the one giving the massage.

Find Her G-Spot

Lelo gigi

G-spot vibes are curved at the tip to stimulate her G-spot which responds best to firm pressure with a mild vibration. Find out what silicone vibe works best to pleasure this area.

Sexy Gift Guide

We vibe

If you're looking for the perfect sensual gift for that special someone in your life, Dr. Brian Parker has compiled his top ten holiday gift ideas for the gifts that keep on giving and giving... orgasms!

Why Do I Keep Losing My Erection?

Lose erection

Why do I keep losing my erection during intercourse and what can I do to stop it from happening in the future? Plus find out what men should do when he thinks he has ED (erectile dysfunction).

What is Your Vibrator Made Of?

Shopping sex toys

Vibrators, dildos, and anal toys can be made from just about anything. Most toys on the market are poor quality and some are even harmful to the body. This ForeverPleasure.com guide will include information about all of the materials used in sex toy manufacturing in case you already have toys made from these products.

Lube Makes Sex More Fun

Pink water

Lube is essential for every sexual being. It makes sex more fun and pleasurable. In case you didn’t know, slippery sex is hotter than dry, uncomfortable sex.

Try This Couple's Vibrator

We vibe

Hands-free couple's vibrators have been created designed to be worn during intercourse. These 'C-shaped' toys have bullets on both ends and stimulate her clitoris and g-spot simultaneously, while sending vibes down his penis during intercourse.

Sex it Up with Lickable Chocolate

Belgian chocolate sauce

There are many different types of edible chocolate sauces on the market so it is best to know the good from the bad. Most are made from Belgian chocolate, but the quality can vary.

Are You in the Rabbit Habit?

Rabbit habit

These wonderful toys stimulate both the clitoris and vaginal canal. They usually have dual action rotating shafts and pearls that cause exciting sensations. They come in a number of shapes and sizes, but most look like a traditional vibrator with a ‘branch’ coming off of it to stimulate the clitoris. You insert the vibe until the clitoral stimulator reaches the clitoris.

Male Masturbation Creams

Stroke 29

These creams are very slick and are designed to enhance sensation and heighten a guy's pleasure while he's masturbating. Masturbation creams also make a wonderful lube to use during hand jobs.

Oral Sex Like You've Never Known


There have been a number of tongue-shaped vibrators on the market in the past, but nothing like 'Sqweel.' This wonderful new toy will have you sqweeling for the other 364 days of the year as well.

Why Do We Have Pubic Hair?

Public hair

It seems everyone is talking about what to do with their pubes nowadays. Why humans have pubic hair?

How Do I Tell My Guy I've Been Faking Orgasm?

Fake orgasm

I’ve been faking orgasms and I don’t know how to stop. How do I tell him my boyfriend? Plus find out how men can tell if a woman is faking orgasm.

What Is The Average Penis Size?

Penis size

There is a perpetuated myth that the bigger dick size the better. This is definitely not true. Find out the the average size American male penis.

How To Deal With a Long Foreskin

Long foreskin

I just started seeing this guy and I like him but his foreskin is really long. It doesn’t bother me during intercourse, but when I give him oral I pretty well gag. What can I do about his massive foreskin?

Should I Have Anal Sex?

Anal sex2

Many couples are curious about anal sex and want relationship advice. Here are six tips to make this an enjoyable experience that can create a deep sense of couple intimacy.

Why Men Love Women's Breasts

Men love breasts

There are plenty of reasons guys like breasts. Nipples are directly connected to a woman’s genital nervous system. In fact, women can have breast orgasms.

Woman Can't Orgasm With Partner

Woman not orgasm

I can’t orgasm when I am with my partner. Is it him? Is it me? What can we do to change this?

Buying Sensual Products

Sensual products

If this is your first sex toy purchase you may not want to buy the biggest dildo possible. Plus find out whether you should surprise your partner with a vibrator or other sex toy.

Questions To Ask Before Buying First Sex Toy

First sex toy

Whether you’re purchasing your first sex toy or you’ve got a packed pleasure trunk here are a few simple questions to insure you purchase the perfect toy. Plus find out the ten things you should NOT do with your sex toys.

He Wants Three-Way Sex

Three way sex

My boyfriend keeps telling me he wants to have a three-way with another woman. I’m really not into this. In fact, it completely turns me off.

Can Pills Increase Penis Size?

Man penis size

Once men learn a little bit more about the female sexual anatomy and physiology he might be glad he's on the smaller side. There are a couple of female hot spots that don’t require a big penis for maximum stimulation.

Make Anal Play More Fun

Rude boy

There are a number of amazing male toys on the market including male masturbation devices and cockrings, however, in this expose will focus on vibrating prostate gland toys for the guys.

Why Do Some Women Like Anal Sex

Anal sex

A woman's anus has a ton of nerve endings making this area sensitive to stimulation, facilitating her to have possible anal and G-spot orgasms.

Seven Tips On How To Give A Good Blow Job

Blow job

She's concerned about her blow job technique and asks for sex advice.

Here are seven excellent blow job sex tips. Plus find out how to give a blow job with a grapefruit (yes, you read that right).

Different Sized Breasts

Breast size

My left breast is bigger than my right one. I’m kind of embarrassed about it. I stuff my bra so I look normal. I just met a guy and I’m worried about taking my shirt off in front of him. What should I do?

Her Vagina is Too Tight

Small vagina

Woman asks, "I have a tight vaginal canal. Are there any toys that won’t hurt me?" Plus watch video on why some women's vaginas are too tight and what is the best way for them to masturbate.

Dr. Brian Parker

Brian  1

Over the past 9 years, Dr. Brian Parker has taught sex ed to over 60,000 individuals across North America. He has been featured in numerous magazines including Cosmopolitan, Psychology Today, and Reader's Digest. Further, Dr. Parker has been a regular guest on a number of radio and television shows including Cosmo Radio, Breakfast Television, and Help TV.