Dr. Carlen Costa

Carlen costa

Dr. Carlen Costa is a certified Sexologist, speaker, blogger, TV and radio personality, which includes resident Sexologist of The Love Shop, 103.9 Proud FM on the Mike Chalut show and Host of Sexy Living Rogers TV London. She writes an advice column for Premier Life along with other online and print publications. Visit her website DrCarlen.com, follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Dr. Carlen Costa's Articles and Videos

Sexy Love Affair Checklist

Sexy checklist

Sometimes relationships needs a little attention and revitalization. Here are five easy ways for couples to reap huge rewards leaving you both happier and sexually satisfied.

Bringing Lubricant into the Bedroom

Lubriant choices

All sex is better with lubrication. But what is the best lubricant for you and your sexual experience. Find out all of your options from water based lubricant to 'organic'.

It's Sexy to Be An Eco-Sexual

Sexy ecosexual

What is an ecosexual, you might ask? It's being able to experience ultimate pleasure and be ethically conscience. And this eco conscientiousness is imperative for the success of our future and the future definitely looks sexy.

Five Ways to Talk Dirty

Dirty talk2

For some people, spicing it up with a little dirty talk has the ability to amp up an already seriously piquant sex-perience. To help find the confidence to either whisper something naughty in their ear or growl a little some kind of sexy here are five key tips to how to get down and get dirty talking.

What Men Think About During Sex

Men think

Check out this list of what some guys think about during sex; plus find out what a man's wants from his partner during sex.

Five Tips to Be a Kissing Pro

Kissing tips

Kissing is one of the most intimate ways we can connect with another person. With its swapping of spit, twisting of tongues and locking of lips, kissing has always been part of the language of love, yet only a few have mastered its techniques.

Five Fetishes You've Never Heard Of

Unusual fetish

Sexual fetishism is when someone achieves sexual arousal from a either a physical object or specific situation.Here are 12 sexual fetishes you've probably never heard of.

4 Tips For Sexting Sexy Pics


If you’re cruising the dating scene, eventually the make it or break it moment will come when you will be asked, “Why don’t you send me a pic?” Here are four ideas to make sure you send the best sexy pics.