Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller

Justin lehmiller

Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller is a social psychologist, relationship researcher, and sex columnist living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. He has published over 20 scholarly works, including articles in some of the leading scientific journals on sex and relationships. His research has been featured prominently in numerous media outlets, including Psychology Today, The Globe and Mail, Men's Health, The Sunday Times, and the National Geographic Channel. Dr. Lehmiller writes a column entitled Lusting, Loving, and Leaving on the Science of Relationships website, as well as a sexuality and relationships blog at Lehmiller.com, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller's Articles and Videos

Who Falls Asleep Faster Right After Sex?

Asleep after sex

Married men and women report they were equally likely to be the first one to fall asleep after having sex. Find out why to help create more couple intimacy, many are choosing to sleep in separate bedrooms.

Can Sex Reduce Stress?

Sex reduces stress

Does having sex relieve stress for couples? Yes and no. Find out three ways a couple can reduce their stress so they feel more like having sex.

What Is A Sexual Surrogate?

Sex surrogacy

Some within the sexual health community have argued that the best way to resolve a sexual difficulty is to 'practice' with a substitute partner. If sex surrogacy isn't prostitution, then how do we define the exchange of sex for money?

What is an Exhibitionist?

Exhibitionist flasher

Although displaying your genitals in public is illegal in many parts of the world, countless men and women have flashed each other at Mardi Gras celebrations. Psychologists reserve the term 'exhibitionist' for persons who engage in socially inappropriate nudity for the sole purpose of sexual arousal.

Should You Play Hard to Get?

Hard to get

Can playing hard to get really help you score a date? According to a studies published in the European Journal of Personality, the results suggest that if you're looking for casual sex being more available will make you more successful; but if you're looking for love, playing hard to get is the better strategy.

Does Penis Size Matter?

Penis size1

Do women have an easier time reaching orgasm if their partner has a larger than average penis? For several decades, the answer reported in most sexuality textbooks has been an emphatic no. But what do women really think?

Are Bisexuals Equally Attracted to Both Sexes?


How common is it for bisexuals to be equally attracted to both sexes? I have spoken to a few other bisexuals I know who claim that I am not alone--that they too have a slight (or major) preference for men or women, and that in fact this seems to be the case for most individuals who identify as bisexual.

Why Men Visit Prostitutes

Paying prostitute

To date, most research on prostitution has focused on describing and understanding those who are selling sex. But what do we know about the buyers? These infographic the reasons men bought sex.

Success Secrets to Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits2

Are there any secrets to a successful friends with benefits arrangement? It seems like they’re usually great in the beginning, but then one person develops feelings and things just get messy. Is there any way to keep things from getting so complicated?

What Is In a Fetish?


Researchers found human beings are capable of becoming sexually aroused by virtually anything. Find out the most common fetishes, plus why some people have sexual fetishes.

Will Being A Good Dancer Get You Laid?

Sexy dancing girl

This fascinating video shows the science behind dancing and how it has evolved to demonstrate to potential mates your genetic fitness. The key? To engage and embrace your animal instincts.