Dr. Megan Stubbs

Megan stubbs

Holding degrees in human sexuality and biology, Dr. Megan Stubbs is a multimedia Sexologist. She is the co-host of the ‘Sex and Sports’ podcast on ESPN 96.1, can be seen on WZZM 13 (an ABC affiliate), can be heard Friday nights on 104.5 WSNX, and other various radio shows. She writes for many online publications as well as maintaining her own blog. Dr. Megan also speaks and hosts workshops across the country. Visit her website SexologistMegan.com, follow her on Twitter,  and her Facebook fan page.


Dr. Megan Stubbs's Articles and Videos

Do's and Don'ts of Sexting


Sexting is a great way to add spice and fun to your relationship. Want to send off some hot messages to your partner but don’t know where to start? Consider these sexting do’s and don’ts.

Why Ladies Should Go Commando

Ladies commando

Here are five good reasons why women should consider skipping the underwear and going commando. Dr. Ruth Westheimer weighs in on the pros and cons of wearing underwear.

Improve The Taste of Your Semen

Semen taste

Many people report the taste of their partners ejaculate is bad or even unpalatable. Fear not, here is excellent sex advice to improve the taste his semen. Plus, experiment has three wives trying to identify what her husband was eating.

Five New Ways to Do Missionary Sex

Missionary position

The missionary sex position is prized for its level of intimacy. Now you can add extra zest and try these five exciting sex positions; plus watch a video on how to do 'the drill' sex position.

How Drugs Effect Your Sexual Experience

Drugs and sex

Different substances can affect the way you operate in sexual situations and may make you do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Here are a few substances, legal and controlled, and their sexual side effects.

Before You Have a Threesome

Threesome rules

Having a threesome is a common fantasy. But before you take it from fantasy to reality, here is a checklist of things you need to discuss. Watch this video which explains how to negotiate what you want during a threesome.