Dr. Pam Spurr

Dr. pam spurr

Dr. Pam Spurr is an award-winning radio presenter, agony aunt, sex writer, and behavior and relationship expert. She is the author of 13 self-help books--including Sex Academy--some of which have been published in numerous countries and have become best sellers. Since 1997 she has appeared regularly on both radio and TV in the UK. Through numerous magazine and internet columns, and newspaper articles she's advised millions of people on their relationships and sex lives. Visit her at DrPam.co.uk and follow Dr. Pam on Twitter.

Dr. Pam Spurr's Articles and Videos

What Sex Dreams Reveal

Sex dreams

Our sex dream meanings sometimes reveal surprising things: the sex dreams you have during pregnancy, about ex, or with someone you know. It's like a secret garden where the gates are unlocked and thrown open, revealing pent-up feelings, thoughts and attitudes.

Why Men Lose Their Sexual Libido

Low libido

What are the main causes of loss of libido in men and women? Which age-group of men are particularly susceptible? What about more unusual and/or weird remedies? Are we programmed to lose our libido?

How Body Image Affects Her Sex Life

Body concerns

Most women fret about her body image and it can profoundly affect her will, want and desire for sex. Here are useful tools on how NOT to let body image and self esteem worry escalate into big fears and sexual inhibitions.

Libido Boosting Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiac foods.

With modern research some foods and herbs have been identified having an aphrodisiac-type effect. However some of the effects are small but with something like 40 percent of men and women complaining they lack desire and have lost their libido it's worthwhile trying something out.

Ladies Get Condom Confident

Condom confidence

Condom confidence is incredibly important to your sexual health. If you want to develop your condom confidence so that condoms don't become a passion killer, try these steps.

Sexually Compatible Mini-Quiz

Sex quiz

Not sure if you and your partner are sexually compatible...then take this quick quiz to find out. If you do need a little bedroom help, here are five tips to keep you and your partner in sexual harmony.

Sensually Erotic Sex Tips

Sex tips

You cannot give your partner enough sexual touch. Here are sensually erotic sex tips for you to try to put a bit of sizzle back into your sex life.

Sensually Erotic Sex Tips: Part 2

Sensual sex

Here's how to make kisses that absolutely sizzle. Discover your partner's pleasure map; and filling your pleasure chest with sex toys. Plus how to put the sizzle back into your sex life.

Sensually Erotic Sex Tips: Part 3

Sensual sex2

Here are two fabulous foreplay techniques: one for her and one for him. Plus video shows sex tips, tools and techniques on how to give a sensual massage.

Sensually Erotic Sex Tips: Part 4

Sensual sex3

Two fantastic sex tips that's all about him. First learn how to make sex sizzle for him by finding his 'million-dollar-spot'.  Then here's a guaranteed way to help him last longer during intercourse. Plus much watch video on how he can do kegel exercises.

Six Strategies to Stay Connected After Baby

Parental team

Many couples site the months after their baby's arrival as when disharmony set in. You can enjoy your baby and a good relationship too. Arm yourself with awareness plus these six simple strategies to survive post-baby changes.

Ten Steamy Sex Tips

Steamy sex

It's time to make your relationship sizzle. Here are ten steamy sex tips to heat things up in the bedroom, plus five places women love to be touched.