Jocelyn Wentland

Jocelyn wentland

Jocelyn Wentland is a Sex Researcher, PhD student at the University of Ottawa. You will find her blogs are sexual, risqué (she likes to push the envelope), potentially offending, fun, but most of all, real. Read more of Jocelyn's blog at Sex Research and The Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Jocelyn Wentland's Articles and Videos

Sexy Role Play

Sexy role play

So how can role playing not induce heart palpitations for the faint of charade heart? Well, speaking from personal experience…

Top Ten Reasons for Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits

Just because you are not in a relationship does not mean you are dead. And solo sex just doesn’t cut it sometimes. Here are the top ten ways friends with benefits provide convenient access to sex while not in a relationship.

Casual Sex Is Normal

Casual sex

While it's true that casual sex relationships can be complicated, there are around 10 years of ‘single’ time for most young adults. Casual sex might be a good answer to 'dry spells'.

Would You Date a Bisexual?

Date bisexual

This is some cool home-grown research from the University of Ottawa regarding people’s perceptions of dating a bisexual in a casual, a dating, or while in committed relationship.

What Your Sperm Says About You


Men with low voices are sexy. Problem is men with a deep bass voices might not have the best sperm.  Find out why and also watch a video on how male sperm is produced.