Jon Pressick

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Jon Pressick is a sexual gadabout. Sometimes he's journalism and smut on his blog Sex In Words. Sometimes he's cohosting and producing his radio show Sex City. Sometimes he's hosting the Toronto Erotica Writers and Readers Meetup. Sometimes he's performing as Mr. Ease. Sometimes he's speaking at conferences. Sometimes he's facilitating sex workshops. And sometimes he's not thinking about sex at all. But those few minutes usually pass pretty quickly. You can find Jon at his blog or on Twitter


Jon Pressick's Articles and Videos

The Spin Cycle: An Erotic Story

Spin cycle

The kids are at the park. I'm alone in the laundry room. Sure there is a tonne of stuff to do but that can wait. I consider running off to the bedroom to grab my favourite vibrator, but instead wonder: Is it true that a washing machine can be a girl's best friend?

Drunken Blowjob: An Erotic Story

Drunken blowjob

Sam cannot hold her liquor. I'm not begrudging my girl a good time out but she always promises she'll be up for fun when we get home...and she never is. Until tonight. "You don't think I just want to fall asleep, do you?" Her hand snaked up to my ass and pulled me even closer.

Look But Don't Touch: An Erotic Story


How eagerly he takes the blindfold. How willingly he submits to whim. How forcefully he strains against the ties I bound him with, trying to reach me. She blindfolds him for some light S & M fun but decides to put on a show...for her own pleasure. He can't see what she's doing, he can only listen.

Back Door Bliss: An Erotic Story

Backdoor erotica

I let my hand travel slowly down the perfect curve of her back. It warms considerably everywhere I touch. My movements may seem random and lazy, but I have a destination: her delicious ass.

Secretly Watching: An Erotic Story


Who could have made that noise? I hear two voices and I sneak closer to the fence. I strain to see over the fence to peak and my blanket falls from my body. I can't take my eyes off these two screwing like animals.

Erotic Bath: An Erotic Story

Erotic bath

I am not sure why Tasha wants a bath when we’re rushed to go out. She explains, “Before we go out I need a release. I love a quick cum in the bath.” Now she has my attention.