Just Jackie

Just jackie

My short stories are quick little snipits of a fantasy life; a life with no judging; a life full of fun and laughter. I envision my stories to be shared between couples, to be read for a quick turn on, to be read to start exploring what is possible without embarrassment or shame.
JUST a little perspective, JUST a little fun, JUST a little opinion, JUST a little passion, JUST a few of my favorite things!
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Just Jackie's Articles and Videos

Meeting At The Airport: An Erotic Story

Car sex

The flight was late, damn, would she ever get there? They had been having the hottest conversations; sext'ing for months, having virtual sex on Skype--doing everything except physically having sex. Finally her plane landed.

Sex Romp: An Erotic Story

Sexy romp

Pushing her onto his bed he needed to have her now. She had no idea what he had planned. From under the pillows he grabbed a scarf and blind folded her, "Don't worry baby, you can trust me."

Sex All Night Long: An Erotic Short Story

Sex all night long

She could hear him snoring softly; her head lay on his chest as he slept soundly. But then she wanted him to wake up hard in her mouth; she put her mouth around the head of his cock; and slowly started to move his softness into her mouth.