Lana Fox

Lana fox

Lana Fox is Co-Founder and Senior Editor of Go Deeper Press—a publisher of stories for brain and brawn. She also runs The Mermaid Voyage: A Two-Week Journey of Erotic Self-Discovery.  Lana’s articles and posts on sexuality have appeared in Boston Magazine, Spirituality & Health, Glo Magazine, and elsewhere.  She has widely published her erotic fiction, and she recently released a novel, published by Harper Collins' Mischief, called "Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee."  Her nonfiction self-help book is represented by the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency and she can be found online at: and . Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Lana Fox's Articles and Videos

Three Pink Boxes: An Erotic Story

Three pink boxes

The morning Melinda found a pink box on her doorstep, she guessed it was a gift from Mr. Carr...who was her boss. Yes, there were times when she longed for him to grab her, slam her against the filing cabinet and rip off her blouse...but you didn’t have sex with your boss.

Peep Toe: An Erotic Story

Peep toe

Debbie's tenant, Joel Prince, really irritated her. That is until she found out they had a mutual love for her shoes. She finds out why a little foot fetish makes for pretty hot sex with her irresistible tenant.

Cream: An Erotic Romance Excerpt

Cream erotic romance

Caroline is a jazz singer at the Cry River Club. She is on the rebound from her true love and master Marcus Sir, and is currently dating a guy called Luke. BUT Marcus Sir sometimes attends her performances at the jazz club…

Fantasy Breasts: An Erotic Short Story

Breasts by phone

Tammie couldn’t believe what was happening. The women’s magazine she was reading wasn’t meant to be titillating—yet she was staring at the model's big and perfect tits. Suddenly, having visions of her fiancé licking this model’s perfect breasts, hungrily lapping at her nipples, making the model plead and gasp.

Dirty Dancing: An Erotic Story

Dirty dancing

He made Annie feel like her body was alight, like her swaying hips could whip heat into the air. And when their bodies touched, shocks of pleasure sparked between them, hardening her nipples, thrilling her clit. How could a dance instructor make her feel this way?