Lou Paget

Lou paget

Lou Paget is a certified AASECT* sex educator and grassroots researcher whose quest for accurate, practical information for herself has created a highly successful international seminar and product company with a focus on lifestyle and cultural trends that impact our sexuality, health, and relationships. Find out more about Lou. Follow on Twitter and Facebook

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Wife Believes Husband is Transsexual

Husband transsexual

I've been married for almost 14 years to my second husband. I've always felt that he has a "secret life" and that he is hiding something from me. I've felt sexually deprived for over ten years. I found out that he visits prostitutes and recently found print outs of trans sexuals.

Woman Fantasizes About Female Coworker

Lesbian coworker

I have been having incredible dreams about a woman I work with. I've never done anything with a female but I do think she is hot and actually have considered asking her out for drinks after work. Does it mean I am a lesbian?

Boyfriend Keeps Photos of His Ex

Pictures of ex

My new boyfriend still has all these pictures of his old girlfriend on the walls and constantly tells me 'how she never did things I do. He is a really sweet guy but I feel am getting mixed messages from him.

Man Needs A Lot of Oral Stimulation

Oral sex

My boyfriend takes forever to come when I am giving him oral sex. I really like this man but I do not feel like I can please him. Any suggestions?

Why Her Orgasms Feel Different

Orgasms feel different

Some of my orgasms feel very different from others. I usually get a great deal of enjoyment when he goes down on me and that is my quickest way to come, but if I do come when we are doing things doggy style, my orgasm feels even more so. Is this normal and is there a reason for this?

What Does An Orgasm Feel Like?

Orgasm feels like

All of my friends describe an orgasm as a time when you scream with delight and just feel altogether good and excited. I think that I have had an orgasm, but if it is like that I am unsure. Please describe what an orgasm is supposed to feel like.

How Do I Get My G-Spot Back?

Finding g spot
Many years ago as a teen I used to ejaculate (I'm female) and BIG time!!! I am now 30 but for years now I have never ever once ejaculated again. I am thinking this is something psychological. As far as I know I don't and never had G-Spot orgasm, I think it was clitoral. I would really love to get it back.

Boyfriend Doesn't Want Sex Anymore

Uphappy boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. Over the last two weeks he hasn't wanted to have sex with me and I'm starting to think its me. I've tried making the moves but he just rolls over or ignores me.

Her Ex Keeps Calling

Her ex calls
My girlfriend has a lot of guy friends calling our house. She calls her ex from her cell, and he calls her. We are having problems and she doesn't get horny anymore. Is it over or what?

How Do I Enjoy the 69 Position?

Enjoy 69
It's really hard for me to do the 69 position because my tongue is not by the sensitive side of the penis. Other than trying it on your side, do you have any tips?

How To Share Fantasies with Your Partner

Sharing fantasy

Some people find sharing sexual fantasies with their partner embarrassing. Here's excellent sex advice on how you can share that kinky sexy side with them.

Woman Only Orgasms With Legs Together

Orgasm leg together

Is it 'normal' for a woman to have a clitoral orgasm only when her when her legs are together, lying on her back. Also here is what women need to achieve orgasm, as well what percentage of women ejaculate.

How to Have Sex in Water

Sex on the beach

Having sex in water is a great way to add spice to your sex life. The key to fantastic water sex is to make sure you've got enough lubrication. Here is how to have sex at the beach, in a pool or shower.

Woman Has Large Vagina

Large vagina

I am a woman who is very large vaginally. My husband is not small, but certainly not as large as I need and like. He enjoys and gets very excited pleasuring me with very large "toys" but I would like him to feel more when he is inside me himself. Any suggestions?

Can She Masturbate While Pregnant?

Pregnant masturbation

A woman asks whether it's okay to masturbate during her pregnancy. As well, she wants to know if it's safe to orgasm during her pregnancy.

Can Men Have Multiple Orgasms?

Multi orgasmic

I keep hearing about men who have these or do they? What is the real scoop here? The short answer is: yes. A male multiple orgasm occurs when a man experiences more than one orgasm with the SAME erection.

Eleven Ways to Keep Passion Alive

Love and lust

The couples who have the lust and passion continue pay attention to it. It is a priority. Here are eleven proven ideas that will help long term couples keep it passionate in the bedroom.