Richard K. Monroe

Richard k. monroe

Richard K. Monroe is an author of erotic stories for every taste. View and purchase other erotic stories by Richard and follow him on Twitter.

Richard K. Monroe's Articles and Videos

911: An Erotic Short Story

911  erotic story

Like most people who lived in New Orleans, Claire was no prude. Waiting until a group of pedestrians went by she suddenly pulled her blouse over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She giggled as one man walked straight into a pole.

Late at the Office: An Erotic Short Story

Late at the office

It was going to be another long, boring evening at the office. Marie saw Alicia get up from her chair and head over to where Rich sat. Marie looked up at her, then darted a glance at Rich before rolling her eyes: the man seemed oblivious to female charms.

Bound: An Erotic Short Story

Bound erotica

Alicia and Marie had moved in with their boss and lover, although they'd so far managed to keep the arrangement secret from everyone else at the office. When Alicia gets to the house, she discovers an intruder who wants to steal more than just the household goods.