Sex Doctors to the Rescue

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Sex Doctors to the Rescue are here to dish on what men and women really think and mean when it comes to sex.
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Sex Doctors to the Rescue's Articles and Videos

Love Your Curvy Body

Curvy body

Listen up ladies: contrary to popular belief most men don’t get excited over zero percent body fat. In fact, most men prefer women to be curvy and voluptuous. The Sex Doctors discuss why too many women are crippled with body issues.

Romantic Men Get More Sex

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The Sex Doctors, Dr. Brian and Dr. Trina discuss why most men don't get romance and why it's important couples get on the romance bus if they want (or expect) sex from their partner.

Penis versus Vagina

Sex doctors1

Men tend to love their penis. Women have a 'complicated' relationship with their vaginas. Men not only give their penis a special name, from birth they have a 'hands-on' relationship with it . Women, on the other hand, don't have that special bond with their vulvas. In fact it's usually the opposite, which makes it challenging to enjoy the sexual experience. The Sex Doctors explain why the difference in 'genital perception' really impacts our ability to be sexually fulfilled.

Why Don't Men Like Talking About Sex

Sex doctors video

According to Dr. Brian men do like to talk about sex with their partner. The Sex Doctors discuss whether this is true or not.