Tracy Shepherd

Tracy shepherd

Tracy Shepherd is a tarot card reader and a practicing mystic who transcribes sacred rituals. Her erotic poetry can be read on Mama Shango. She is currently working on an erotic novel featuring themes of magical realism and parallel worlds. To view her glimpses of paranormal world, follow her on Facebook and visit

Tracy Shepherd's Articles and Videos

Elevator Love: An Erotic Story

Elevator love

As the elevator doors closed, I found my body drawn magnetically to yours. “What did you whisper in her ear?” I asked. Cinching the waist of my skirt, I feel your hands on the tops of my garters.

Lilacs and Pussy: An Erotic Story

Merlin erotica

Lilith found herself in the meadow. Merlin’s eyes sang of want and desire as he could see her pale pink nipples even through this light material. Lilith’s tits instantly stood erect in the sun and wind.