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Trina Read is the founder of and Eat Drink Love and CBC radio Relationship Expert. She is a leading relationship and sexual health expert and educator; and  is a best selling author, media expert, syndicated blogger, international speaker, magazine columnist, and spokeswoman. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Trina Read's Articles and Videos

How Much Sex is Normal?

How much sex normal
There is no average for how many times a couple makes love in a week. End of story. Of the billions of people on this planet, you have a unique libido. Your life experience and stage of life create the ebb and flow of your sexuality.

Bad Breath Stops Great Sex

Bad breath

Good sex is all about preparation and the little things that make a big difference. Yet in the world of sex etiquette, how do you tell someone they have bad breath? Plus tips on how to prevent halitosis.

Should a Cheater Kiss and Tell?

Cheat and tell
I cheated on my boyfriend and don't know whether I should tell him. I think it's better to not say anything and let it be water under the bridge.

Is It Really Mismatched Libidos?

I like sex but he wants it way more than me. What can I do?

Can I Have Sex During My Period?

Period sex
There isn't any physiological reason why a couple shouldn't have sex during a woman's period. All aspects of her sexual response are the same. In fact, couples can use a vibrator or have oral sex, if they choose.

Can a Woman Have an Orgasmic Birth?

Orgasmic birth

Is it true that some women experience an orgasmic birth? Plus see how the medicalized birthing process makes it less enjoyable, even sensual, for too many pregnant women.

Top Five Ways Women Can Desire Sex

Top 5 sexual desire

Many women are plagued with a low female sexual desire. Luckily, here are five easy ways to for her to feel sexually satisfied and also ways she can spice up her sex life.

The Best Female Orgasm Is...

Orgasm debate

Too many women believe there is something sexually wrong with her because she isn't able to have an orgasm during intercourse. Or she can't have a G-spot orgasm. How did all of this "I'm not having the 'right' orgasm" craziness get started?

Woman Wants to Orgasm During Intercourse

Woman wants orgasm
Contrary to pop-culture belief, not all women can have a vaginal and g-spot orgasm. This is due to her genetics and not because she’s uptight and/ or doing something wrong during sex.

Bringing Sex Toys into Your Bedroom

Introducing sex toys

I want to bring sex toys into our bedroom but don’t know how my guy will react.

Can Scent Get You in the Mood?

Sexy scent
Scent certainly can help. Scent is the only sense out of the five that can bypass the rational brain and go straight to the limbic system, which is also in charge of your memory and emotions.

She Wants to Stop Faking Orgasm

Bigstock slumber 6749468
I’ve been faking orgasms and I don’t know how to stop. Do I just tell him? How do I tell him?

He Likes Blowup Dolls. So What?

Blow up doll

Fetishes are something many people don’t understand and therefore labeled as freaks. Yet, most kink enthusiasts are pretty normal. Plus watch video on artist who makes life size dolls for men.

Online Porn Can Be Sexually Healthy

Online porn healthy

When you hear on the news about online porn or cyber sex, it is automatically assumed there is something wrong with the person or relationship. Not once has it been said that cyber sex could be a healthy sexual outlet for someone in a happy, stable relationship.

Is Sex Addiction Real?

Sex addiction

Sexual addiction is, in my opinion, an easy and convenient label for a very complicated problem. As it stands there is a lack of empirical evidence and scientific agreement on whether such a condition even exists.

No Strings Attached Massage

No strings massage

Surprise her with a lovely massage. It doesn't have to be an hour-long affair with candles and massage oils; a ten minute hand or foot massage will provide similar results.

Foreplay for Men

Foreplay for men

While dating, you probably hung on his every word while he talked about those things that interested him. It was part of your charm and why he found you so darn attractive. Bringing that when you first met magic back to life can be as simple as taking an interest in him.

Affectionate Touch

Affectionate touch

Touching is one of the easiest ways to create intimacy outside of the bedroom. It's easy, F-R-E-E, and makes us feel good.

Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work?


Find out why some foods are considered aphrodisiacs and good for healthy sexual function. As well a list of five aphrodisiac foods.

Bring Sexy Fun Back

Sexy fun

Responsibility and mind-blowing sex are like oil and water...they just don't mix. Thing is, sex is an important component to a healthy relationship. So how can a hard working couple bring fun sex back into their relationship?

Give an Unexpected Gift

Romantic gift

Getting a gift on Valentine's Day is always nice. However, it's the non-holiday days when we receive a gift that can bring those magic, filled with intimacy moments. It takes you back to those nostalgic 'newbie days' when you wrote each other love notes, and little gifts to express your love.

Sexual Monogamy is Not Monotony

Monogamy not monotony

To celebrate sex in a long term relationship here are the top five reasons monogamy is not monotony.

French Women's Obsession

French lingerie

Have you ever wondered why French women are so sexy and have that 'je ne sais quoi' appeal? Here's why.

Do You Have Enough Sex?

Sex positions2

How much sex is normal? Do couples have unrealistic expectations about how much sex they should have?

Be at Her Beck and Call for a Day

Her beck and call

There isn’t a gal anywhere who wouldn’t love her guy to treat her like a queen and create a lavish day just for her. By taking care of her it translates to appreciation for all of her hard work.

Kiss Stress Goodbye

Relaxing couple

Too many of us are stressed out to feel sexy or sexual? Zap stress with soothing one-on-one time. With everyone under so much stress these days, it’s important to take a step back and look for ways to make a relaxing space for you and your partner.

How Do I Love Thee?

Love letter

How do I love thee...let me count the ways. Here is a no fail romantic gesture any guy can easily do to be a super stud.

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon delight

Is a routine rut weighing your relationship down? There's no better way to breath new life into a stale relationship than an unexpected bit of fun.

Keep Connected During Big Change

Stay connected

Here's what a couple can do to get their sex life back after a big life change—like having a baby or relocating to a different city.

Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Sexy sleuth

Does your relationship need a little sexy pick me up? Try sexy sleuthing.

Good Sex Starts With Good Communication.

Sex communication

The better your communication, the better your sex will be. Here are five simple ideas to get the communication started with your mate.

How Do You Show Your Love?

Show love

When we partner up with someone we think that love is all encompassing. However, how a person expresses their love is unique...and sometimes confusing to the receiving partner.

Sexy Spa Date Night

Sexy spa date

Every relationship not only deserves a little TLC, it's absolutely needed to stay connected over the long term. Creating a spa date is a fun way to keep intimacy alive.

Flirt Outside Your Relationship

Flirting couples

Flirting is window shopping for those in a committed relationship. In fact, innocent flirting can add an immense amount of zest to your intimacy and sex life. Here's how to bring flirting into your relationship.

Talk Dirty to Me

Dirty talk

Talking dirty during sex can be a lot of fun and what most people need to get good at it is practice. So it’s usually the lack of practice that makes people nervous and embarrassed.

Girlfriend Wants Better Oral Sex

Oral sex1

My new boyfriend doesn’t like to give oral sex. I’m not satisfied without it but I don’t want to pressure him to do something he doesn’t want. How do I handle this?

Cheap and Cheesy Sex Night

Cheesy date night

We all need a good laugh and a little bit of fun in our routine-rut lives. Here's an easy way to add some zip to a regular evening that will bring a smile to your lips for months to come.

Why Vibrators Were Invented

Victorian vibrator

In the Victorian Era women would go to their doctor and get a 'genital massage'. The doctors would get these women off to a point of orgasm to help with her 'hysteria'.

Your Own Sexy Photo Album

Sexy photo album

There are many of us who are (closeted) exhibitionists. That is the average Jane or Joe gets turned-on while 'exhibiting' themselves in front of a crowd or camera. Why not create your own sexy photo album?

Shop Together for Sexy Lingerie

Shopping lingerie

When was the last time you bought a sexy pair of underwear? Whether actually going to a store or doing it online make your sexy lingerie shopping trip that much more fun by having your partner tag along and help you pick something out.

Small Romantic Gestures

Romantic gestures

A touch can say a thousand words. A touching gesture or heartfelt comment only takes seconds and yet can go a long way to keeping a couple close.

Create More Sexual Anticipation

Sexual anticipation

You've probably heard that our brain is our biggest sex organ. Sexual desire--the thoughts you have about sex before, during and after--can have a profound impact on the quality (and perhaps quantity) of your sexual experience.

Sex on a Plate

Edl semi10  finished

sex on a plate

Create the Best Morning Ever

Best morning

Want to start your day thinking it's the best morning ever? Here's a few suggestions.

Curious About the Swinging Lifestyle?


There are many theories on how, when and where swinging originated. Can swinging help a marriage? Find out where it all started, as well get a sneak peak into a lifestyle swinging couples retreat.

Your Top Ten Couple List

Couple list

Almost every busy couple wishes they could add some romantic zip into their love life. Problem is, it can be difficult to discuss new ideas with our partner. Here's an easy solution.

Five Date Nights Ideas

Date night

Forget the same-old date night. Your new mantra needs to be: "Let's try something new." It's important to make your date nights memorable and do different things. Yes, it does take a little extra planning and it will always be worth the effort.

She's Worried About Her Intense Orgasms

Intense orgasm

I'm wondering about the intensity of my orgasms. They have been very intense for 15 years but recently I'm doing full sit ups and violently slamming my upper body back onto the bed repeatedly. Is this normal?

How To Do A Mini-Striptease

Strip clubs lap dancing 04

Doing a sexy striptease for your partner is empowering for you and makes them feel incredibly special. Watch this video to learn a basic routine you can do in the comfort of your living room.

More Couples Want Open Relationships

Non monogamy

Today we see more monogamous couples want to try open relationships. Is monogamy on the decline? Here's how you can talk to your partner about opening up your sexual relationship.

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Business of sex2

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Dr. Trina Read

Dr. trina low res

Sexologist and relationship expert, Dr. Trina E. Read, has earned her reputation for being an entertaining, funny, easy to understand, and intelligent professional speaker.  Trina’s style is like having a conversation with your best girl-friend as she has a way of putting her audience at total ease with the topic of sex.   

Mom Doesn’t Feel Like Sex After Baby

Drtina  video1

Dr. Trina answers--the common--question from a woman who had a baby over a year ago and still doesn’t feel like having sex.

Get Out of Your Sex Rut

Sex rut

In this video Dr. Trina Read talks about how sex can become stale and what couples can do to get out of a sex rut. She then discusses what couples can do to make it fun.

Why Some Woman Can't Orgasm During Intercourse

Trina orgasm

In this video Dr. Trina answers the question, "I've never had a vaginal orgasm during intercourse. Is there something wrong with me that I can't orgasm?

It's Probably Not Mismatched Libidos

Mismatched libidos

One partner having a higher sex drive than the other is a common couple conundrum People assume mismatch libidos is an issue of low libido when in fact it probably has nothing to do with libido. Rather all the outside forces of our day-to-day lives.

In this video Dr. Trina talks about the top seven reasons why so many women lack a sex drive and, more importantly, what a couple can do.

Making Time for Sex Now That Kids Are Older


Trying to get sex back on track after kids can be challenging. A couple who have been together for ten years with two kids asks, "Now that my kids are older, my husband and I want to have better sex more often. How can we make this happen?"

What Helps Women's Low Libido?


For a woman experiencing a sexual low libido there are many options available to her. But is her best option the male hormone testosterone? In this video Dr. Trina Read answers, "I read somewhere that testosterone will help improve my low libido. Is this true?"

Easiest Sex Positions for Inexperienced Couples

Sex positions

In this video Dr. Trina Read answers, "What are the easiest sex positions for an inexperienced couple in their 30s can start with? Any other tips or tricks?"

When Does Virtual Sex Become Cheating?

Cyber sex

Online pornography, chat rooms and hooking up are here to stay. As such couples need to understand when virtual sex constitutes cheating. Or if someone is having more sex online than off line, is that unhealthy? In this video Dr. Trina Read answers, "My husband goes onto My Space and 'hooks-up' with other players. Isn't this considered cheating?"


How to Have Bigger & Better Orgasms

Kegel exercises

Just two minutes a day can make for bigger and better orgasms--for women and men. In this video Dr. Trina teaches you how to do Kegel exercises. She also answers a viewer question, "I feel so self conscious during intercourse because I feel like I'm 'loose'. What can I do?"

Women's Sexual Peak

Sexual peak

Is there a time in a woman's life where she hits her sexual stride and wants a lot of sex? In this video Dr. Trina discusses whether or not women reach their sexual peak mid-30s. Her answer might surprise you.

Having Sex After a Miscarriage

Trina miscarriage

A reader asks: "I've recently had a miscarriage. We want to start trying again to have another baby, but I'm really scared. What should we do?"  In this video Dr. Trina discusses how to move forward and make the sexual experience good for you and your partner.

When a Man Loses His Sex Drive


Men experience the same ebbs and flows to their sexual desire as women. Unfortunately, stereotypically men believe their sexual prowess is the indicator of their manhood--which makes it all that more devastating if he does lose his sexual desire.

In this video Dr. Trina talks about what to do if his sex drive has taken a nose dive and he "no longer feels like sex.