BOS Podcast--Using Proven Mainstream Formulas To Build A Successful Sex Business

Nicole janssen

Kinkly.com is a Sex Ed website which is an anomaly in the sex ed world--it is profitable. And it's co-founder, Nicole Janssen, is a big reason why. Nicole decided to take what she learned from making other non-sex related websites profitable and apply those lessons to Kinkly.com.

In this Business Of Sex podcast, Nicole shares her experiences about growing a profitable sex website despite all of the roadblocks.


BOS Podcast--Helping Relationships Thrive With Sex Technology

Holly richmond

Dr. Holly Richmond, Founder of The Next Sex project, discusses in this Business Of Sex Podcast how leading edge technology and sex will create a better sexual and relationship experience for the average person.


BOS Podcast--How Adult Businesses Can Find Financing


Are you a small to mid-sized business in the adult industry in need of financing? In this Business Of Sex podcast, Jason Maskell, Founder of AdultXFunding discusses how you can make that dream a reality.


BOS Podcast--The Success Of SportSheets

Tom stewart

New sex tech or sex toy companies need to listen and take lessons from those companies that have managed to successfully stay in business for over 25 years. In this Business Of Sex podcast, Tom Stewart, CEO and Founder of Sportsheets International shares his wisdom, incite and very funny stories about his company's journey.


BOS Podcast--4 Steps to Getting Media Attention From We-Vibe

Denny alexander

Find out how to maximize your media exposure from Denny Alexander, Marketing Communications Manager for We-Vibe and Standard Innovation. Denny goes through the four step process to help small to mid-sized adult products and retailers get great PR coverage who have a small marketing budget.


BOS Podcast--Creating A Successful Brand On A Shoe-String Budget

Cathy chapman

Cathy Chapman, President of Lune North America joins the Business Of Sex podcast to talk about how Lunette managed to expand and grow their business to be in 40 countries on a limited marketing budget.


BOS Podcast--What to Look For In A Spokesperson

Carlen costa

Dr. Carlen Costa is a Sexologist who has partnered with many adult products as their spokesperson. In this BOS podcast she discusses why it's important for a product to find the right-fit spokesperson; as well as ideas on how to make it an excellent working relationship.


BOS Podcast--Marketing Brand Strategy with Stephanie Keating of We-Vibe

Stephanie keating

Stephanie Keating, Marketing Brand Manager for We-Vibe discusses how she and her marketing team have positioned and differentiated We-vibe's product line as a dominate world leader. We discuss the importance of customer and retailer input and how they stick to their core marketing value.


BOS Podcast--How To Write Effective SEO Grabbing Sex Articles

Jon pressickjpg

Writing content for an adult product blog or article it can be very tricky. The Business Of Sex Podcast welcomes Jon Pressick a veteran sex writer who freelances for many adult product websites. You will learn how Jon perfected the art of writing entertaining articles that are relavent and sex-positive.


BOS Podcast--Successfully Publish Sex Articles On Your Website

Steve cooper

Listen as Steve Cooper co-founder of Hitched discusses how adult product companies can post sex-related articles to get the best in-bound marketing and SEO.


BOS Podcast--How Sex Tech And Adult Products Can Find Venture Capital

Chia chia sun

Chia Chia Sun CEO of Damiva discusses how adult products can secure Venture Capital funding. We talk about her experience on Canada's Dragon's Den and then how she managed to secure $1.2 million in Seed Funding.


Listen to Dr. Trina On The Sexy Lifestyle

Carol dave

Are you looking to get more from your sex toys? Are you interested in finding out why the sex toy industry is booming.

Then listen to Carol & Dave from The Sexy Lifestyle podcast interview Dr. Trina.


A Little Off Base: An Audio Erotic Story

Teenage infidelity

Two teenagers explore the classic three bases without any guide other than their curiosity and growing arousal to discover new and surprising things. Listen to this erotic story.


Rags to Riches: An Audio Erotic Story

Rags to riches

A young lady attends a royal ball hosted by a prince who is seeking a wife. Listen to this erotic story here.


Paint Me: An Audio Erotic Story

Paing me erotic

"Paint me," she said and Charlie couldn't resist. It's Carnival and folks get kind of crazy, horny too.

Listen to this erotic story here.


The Pickup Artist: An Audio Erotic Story

Pickup artist

Raquel meets Buck in a bar; despite his "cheesy pick-up line his charm entices her into a little fun with a surprising twist! Listen to this fun erotic story.


Nude Housekeeping: An Erotic Audio Story

Nude housekeeping

Katie reluctantly takes a "Help Wanted" job as a nude housekeeper in a posh part of London. Then she meets her handsome employer...and things get very hot and interesting.

Feel the heat get turned up in this erotic audio story.


Exploring Your Sexual Fantasies

Blindfold partner

Are you curious about your sexual fantasies? In this podcast Dr. Trina breaks down the sexual taboos around fantasy.


Can Food Make You Feel Like Having Sex?


Can you eat a certain food and instantly feel sexy and sexual? Find out in this podcast.


What To Do If Your Child Say's "I'm Gay"

Teenager sexually savvy

Your child tells you they're gay. How do you respond? Find out in this podcast with HitchedMag.com.


Bringing Chinese Medicine into Your Bedroom

Judy m

In this podcast, Dr. Judy Mazurin, Chinese Doctor, talks about letting the wisdom of Chinese Medicine help you with your sex life.


Buying Sex Toys

Sdr laughing

In this podcast sex toy expert, Dr. Brian Parker, talks you through how to make an educated decision when buying adult products.


Are you fighting about Money, Sex & Kids?

Friend divorce

Dr. Tina Tessina discusses her book, Money, Sex and Kids. In this podcast, find out how to work through these tricky relationship issues.



Long Distance Sex

Tina tessina

In this podcast Dr. Tina Tessina discusses what couples can do if they are in a long distance relationship.


Soul Driven Love and Lust

Rhoberta shaler

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler discusses sex in the realm of spirituality. In this podcast find out how to improve your relationship and sex life.


Negotiating Different Sex Drives

Nonsexual man

What can you do if you want more sex then your partner? In this podcast, Dr. Trina gives ideas on how to manage this couple conundrum.


Sex After 60

Senior sex ed

Seniors still want to get it on...but with their changing bodies sometimes it can be tricky. Find out how to have the best sex of your life after 60.


Men Doing Housework Equals More Sex?

Her beck and call

A study revealed that the more housework a husband did, the more sex he received from his wife. Is this true? Find out in this podcast.


Is It Okay To Flirt Outside Your Relationship?

Three way sex

Once you are in a long term relationship is it still okay to flirt with other people? Find out in this podcast.


How To Find Her G-Spot Orgasm

G spot

Can every woman have a G-Spot orgasm? How can you find that allusive, orgasmic 'spot'? Find out in this podcast.


Is She Faking Orgasm?

Boring sex

A reader asks Dr. Trina how he can tell whether his wife is faking orgasm. Find out the answer in this podcast.


Introducing Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

Addicted to vibrator

Do you want to spice up your sex life by trying sex toys? But you don't know how to talk to your partner about it? Then you need to listen to this podcast.


When You Don't Feel Like Having Sex (Part 2)

Dating regret

Do you often find it difficult to get in the mood for sex? In Part 2 of this podcast Dr. Trina discusses what you can do.


When You Don't Feel Like Having Sex (Part 1)

Dating regret

Do you often find it difficult to get in the mood for sex? In Part 1 of this podcast Dr. Trina discusses why.


What's A Guy To Do When He Wants Sex?

Asleep after sex

It's often a catch--22 when a guy wants more sex. Find out what he can do in this podcast.


Why Sex Changes After Marriage

Bored couple

Have you ever wondered why sex changes for so many couples once the "honeymoon" period is over. This podcast discusses why it happens and, more importantly, what you can do about it.


Is Stress Negatively Affecting Your Sex Life?

Boyfriend unhappy

A couple's desire to have sex--or a lack of desire to have sex--can usually be traced to the impact of stress. Find out what you can do in this podcast.


How To Shop For Sex Toys

Introducing lube

Are you interested in buying a sex toy but don't know where to start? This is an excellent podcast for sex toy newbies on what to look for in products.


What You Need To Know About Virtual Sex

Virtual sex

Virtual sex. Is it addictive. Does it break up marriages? Find out the facts in this podcast.


Is There A Best Type of Orgasm?

Awkward sex

There are three main types of orgasms a woman can experience. Is one of them the best kind to have? Find out that and more in this podcast.


How Much Sex Is Normal?

Sex rut

The number one question so many couples ask is, "How much sex is normal?" Find out the answer in this podcast.


How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?

Spring fever

Is Spring Fever real? And can sex be considered a legitimate form of exercise that burns calories? Find out in this podcast.


Praise Your Man's Penis?

Penis size1

Do men really need their ego (and their penis) stroked? Apparently yes. Find out why in this podcast.


All About Porn

What is porn

Dr. Trina and Scott Thompson of News Talk 900 CHML discuss all types of porn: women’s porn, couple porn and why porn has such a stigma are discussed.


Three Types Of Orgasms!

Loud orgasm

Dr. Trina and Scott Thompson from News Talk 900 CHML discuss the different types of orgasms that a woman can have. Yes, this was done on the radio.


How Dr. Trina Read Became a Sex Expert

Trina sh  3

Dr. Trina chats with Scott Thompson from News Talk 900 CHML about how she become a Sex Expert and some more funnier things that happen when educating adults about sex.