BOS Podcast--How Sex Tech And Adult Products Can Find Venture Capital

Chia Chia Sun CEO of Damiva joins the Business Of Sex Podcast to discuss how adult products can secure Venture Capital funding. She discusses her experience on Canada's Dragon's Den and then how she managed to secure $1.2 million in Seed Funding.

We Talk About During This BOS Podcast

  1. What is Chia Chia's background story?
  2. Why did she create Damiva?
  3. Why did she decide to get venture capital financing?
  4. How did she go about getting investors interested in Damiva?
  5. What are her top three best pieces of advice for adult product companies looking to find venture capital?

About Chia Chia Sun

Chia Chia Sun is chief executive officer of Toronto-based Damiva, a women’s health company that makes natural menopausal products.

Ms Sun has three graduate degrees and her career has been spent in the pharmaceutical industry. A huge part of what Ms. Sun does is to educate women on menopause. About 25 per cent of the world’s population is in perimenopause [the stage just before menopause] or menopause. Her driving motivation is to help improve the lives of these women with Damiva's products, education and breaking down taboos.

Ms. Sun launched Damiva because she was frustrated that there weren’t any good vaginal dryness products in the marketplace. After learning that menopause lasts for the rest of her life, she wanted something safe and effective because she knew she would be using it for 30 years. So she co-invented a 100-per-cent natural vaginal lubricant, Mae; and labia moisturizer called Cleo.

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