BOS Podcast--How To Write Effective SEO Grabbing Sex Articles

Writing content for an or adult product blog or article can be very tricky. It's about finding that line between being sex-positive, that also appeals to the mainstream. Content also needs to walk that razor's edge of being social media friendly so your company's social media site isn't suspended. (Anyone who has been in Facebook jail can attest it's a big pain in the butt to get out.)

Jon Pressick is a veteran sex writer who freelances for many adult product websites. He has perfected the art of writing entertaining articles that are relevant and sex-positive. (Read his some of his delicious erotica here.)

Things You Will Learn From Jon

  1. He started out writing erotica and then moved into writing sex content for websites. Here's how did he got his start in sex writing.
  2. Find out the most challenging thing about writing sex-positive creative content that is accepted by the mainstream.
  3. When looking at adult product/ sex toy websites and their creative content what stands out for him? Here's a few things these website could improve.
  4. He talks about how to write sex-positive, SEO friendly content for websites.
  5. Jon's three best tips for people wanting to write mainstream and SEO friendly adult content for their websites.

About Jon Pressick

Jon Pressick is a sex writer and former broadcaster His weekly column, Sex Stories We Love, appears weekly on Kinkly and he contributes regular articles on sex and technology to Future of Sex. Jon recently concluded 8+ years as cohost and producer of the radio show Sex City. You can find his projects and writings at

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