BOS Podcast--Marketing Brand Strategy with Stephanie Keating of We-Vibe

Stephanie Keating, Marketing Brand Manager for We-Vibe discusses how We-vibe has positioned and differentiated itself as the world's leading couple vibrator.

In this podcast we discuss:

  1. As a brand manager for a multi-national company, what does a typical day look like for Stephanie.
  2. When a customer is looking at all their adult product options either in a retail brick-and-mortar store or online, how does the We-Vibe marketing team go about differentiating the We-vibe line of products from their competitors.
  3. Stephanie gives a few examples of what We-vibe has done to create effective brand strategy.
  4. What Is the process for rolling out new products so they are seen as distinct but still under the We-vibe umbrella.
  5. Stephanie gives her three best pieces of advice to those companies who want to effectively brand their product (but don't necessarily have the We-Vibe marketing dollars).

About Stephanie Keating
Stephanie Keating is the Marketing Brand Manager at We-Vibe. In this role she guides the We-Vibe brand direction, ensuring it resonates with consumers, delivers on the brand’s promise and remains comparatively distinct in a crowded marketplace. She executes brand strategy, advertising, consumer understanding, and direct-to-consumer marketing to build programs that connect to We-Vibe consumer and customer insights. Stephanie helps the product development team to expand the brand's product portfolio and to influence products so that they are effective, fun and fit seamlessly into customer's lifestyles. Stephanie studied business administration with a specialty in marketing at Brock University. She previously worked on the agency side of marketing and in B2B marketing in the aviation sector.