BOS Podcast--What to Look For In A Spokesperson

Dr. Carlen Costa is a Sexologist who has partnered with many adult products as their spokesperson. In this BOS podcast she discusses why it's important for a product to find the right-fit spokesperson; as well as ideas on how to make it an excellent working relationship.

What We Talked About

  1. A "typical" day in the life of a Sexologist.
  2. The many ways Dr. Carlen has worked with adult products and retailers.
  3. Dr. Carlen gives a few examples of adult products doing a great job working with her as a spokesperson.
  4. Why adult products understanding their demographic and what they want out of the Spokesperson relationship.
  5. Dr. Carlen's three best tips for adult products who want to work with a spokesperson.

Dr. Carlen's Bio
Dr. Carlen is a Love Leader, Sexologist & Relationship Psychotherapist based out of Ontario, Canada. Projecting through diverse platforms, Carlen teaches the world how to love themselves and each other through living a powerful and pleasurable life.