BOS Podcast--Creating A Successful Brand On A Shoe-String Budget

Cathy Chapman, President of Lune North America joins the Business Of Sex podcast to talk about how Lunette managed to expand and grow their business to be in 40 countries on a limited marketing budget.

What We Talked About

  • Cathy talks about how Lunette got it's start.
  • How Lunette's marketing strategy changed as the company grew?
  • What have been some of Lunette's biggest challenge about getting the word about the taboo topic of menstruation?
  • Cathy's top three tips to other companies about marketing to women?

About Cathy Chapman
Cathy Chapman, President of Lune North America, is on a mission to have open, honest and inspiring conversations about menstruation. She also enjoys kayaking, shoe shopping and traveling with her 2 children.