BOS Podcast--Getting Your Adult Product Into A Mainstream Retail Store

Outside of adult retail and online stores, there are not many mainstream retail stores who will stock sex toys. Luckily LELO's Shannae Nitti tells us in this BOS podcast how she is opening the doors with her big picture thinking.

Shannae walks you through what "Modern Trade" looks like for an adult product and how listeners can apply this to their own businesses.

What Shannae Talked About

  • How Shannae became the Business Development Manager for LELO Canada
  • Shannae explains what modern trade is and how LELO is making its mark in mainstream retail.
  • She gives a few examples of what LELO did right to get into retail stores.
  • Shannae also gives us a few 'valuable lessons' LELO has learned in this process.
  • Her three best tips for companies to getting their product into mainstream retail stores.

About Shannae Nitti
With well over a decade of experience, Shannae is a Business Development and Brand Management professional living and working in Montreal. She currently works for world-renowned luxury brand LELO, and loves every moment. In her spare time Shannae enjoys the arts, design, travel, and a good glass of wine.