BOS Podcast--The Success Of SportSheets

New sex tech or sex toy companies need to listen and take lessons from those companies that have managed to successfully stay in business for over 25 years. In this Business Of Sex podcast, Tom Stewart, CEO and Founder of Sportsheets International shares his wisdom, incite and very funny stories about his company's journey.

What Tom Stewart Talks About

  • Why he is able to draw big crowds at his trade show booth.
  • When and how he came up with the idea for Sportsheets.
  • Some of his bigger challenges over the years getting Sportsheets to mainstream consumers.
  • Tom discusses how he got his marketing and branding right.
  • Tom's three best tips for new companies who want to get their product noticed.

We also talk about Sportsheets Doggie Strap--and I promised during the podcast to post a photo to show everyone what it does.

About Tom Stewart
Tom Stewart, Founder and CEO, of Sportsheets International, Inc., created the Sportsheet™ and the “Velcro®” Bondage Bed sheet while serving as a helicopter pilot in the Marines in the late 1980’s. He was inspired by an episode of the David Letterman Show, to develop a product that would allow you to restrain your partner with safe and easy-to-use Velcro®. Over the last two decades, Tom continued to build Sportsheets® on the fantasy bondage concept, developing more than 500 different products for curious couples.

Determined to show that a little leverage goes a long way in the bedroom, Tom developed products for couples that enhance certain sexual positions by creating new sensations with some leverage and angle adjustments. For Tom new product development is a constant focus and a great deal of fun. In his spare time, Tom enjoys helping returning veterans through such organizations as The Wounded Warrior Project, scuba diving, travel, and flying.