BOS Podcast--How Adult Businesses Can Find Financing

Finally the market is opening up and starting to see an opportunity to finance the Adult Industry. Entrepreneurs like Jason Maskell are willing to put in the time, energy and money to create his crowdfunding platform AdultXFunding as well as cull Investors. In this Business Of Sex podcast, Jason discusses his journey on making this happen.

What Jason Talked About

  • Why Jason created AdultXFunding.
  • What he means by "Crowd Funding For Grownups"
  • His experiences good, bad or otherwise with getting investors interested in the sex industry.
  • He is currently in his second round of equity investments. He tells us about this experience, and more importantly, what he has learned going through this process.
  • Jason's three best tips for small to mid-sized adult companies or retailers looking for crowd funding and/ or investors.

About Jason Maskell
Workaholic entrepreneur and founder of the Crowdfunding platform for the global adult entertainment industry