BOS Podcast--Using Proven Mainstream Formulas To Build A Successful Sex Business is a Sex Ed website which is an anomaly in the sex ed world--it is profitable. And it's co-founder, Nicole Janssen, is a big reason why. She decided to take what she learned from making other non-sex related websites profitable and apply those lessons to

In this Business Of Sex podcast, Nicole shares her experiences about growing a profitable sex website despite all of the roadblocks. Hopefully, you can apply her ideas to your own business.

What Nichole Talks About

  1. Nicole tells us the (funny) story why she decided to start
  2. She started with absolutely no experience in the business of sex--and discusses her experience trying to make a website based on sex ed profitable.
  3. Nicole discusses some of the things she did right.
  4. She then goes onto tell her biggest challenges and biggest learnings.
  5. pays their writers which is unusual in this industry. Nicole tells us why she decided do that.
  6. Nicole shares her best three pieces of advice for new companies.
  7. Finally, Nicole shares exciting news about

Nicole Janssen is the Co-Founder of, a sex education website geared at starting and continuing the conversation around sex and one's body. is one of 16 educational, niche market websites operated by it's parent company, Janalta Interactive Inc, also co-founded by Nicole.