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Just Curious

Questions that everyone is curious about but afraid to ask.


Why Do Some Women Like Anal Sex

Anal sex

A woman's anus has a ton of nerve endings making this area sensitive to stimulation, facilitating her to have possible anal and G-spot orgasms.


Are You Jackin' Off Too Much?

Man masturbating

My girlfriend doesn’t like it when I masturbate. She asked me how often and I said likely daily. She said this was too much, but when I asked her if us having sex everyday would be considered too much, she said no. So why would doing one everyday be more acceptable than the other?


Why Men Love Women's Breasts

Men love breasts

There are plenty of reasons guys like breasts. Nipples are directly connected to a woman’s genital nervous system. In fact, women can have breast orgasms.


He Wants Three-Way Sex

Three way sex

My boyfriend keeps telling me he wants to have a three-way with another woman. I’m really not into this. In fact, it completely turns me off.


How To Deal With a Long Foreskin

Long foreskin

I just started seeing this guy and I like him but his foreskin is really long. It doesn’t bother me during intercourse, but when I give him oral I pretty well gag. What can I do about his massive foreskin?


Wife Believes Husband is Transsexual

Husband transsexual

I've been married for almost 14 years to my second husband. I've always felt that he has a "secret life" and that he is hiding something from me. I've felt sexually deprived for over ten years. I found out that he visits prostitutes and recently found print outs of trans sexuals.


Woman Fantasizes About Female Coworker

Lesbian coworker

I have been having incredible dreams about a woman I work with. I've never done anything with a female but I do think she is hot and actually have considered asking her out for drinks after work. Does it mean I am a lesbian?


Are Bisexuals Equally Attracted to Both Sexes?


How common is it for bisexuals to be equally attracted to both sexes? I have spoken to a few other bisexuals I know who claim that I am not alone--that they too have a slight (or major) preference for men or women, and that in fact this seems to be the case for most individuals who identify as bisexual.


Should I Have Anal Sex?

Anal sex2

Many couples are curious about anal sex and want relationship advice. Here are six tips to make this an enjoyable experience that can create a deep sense of couple intimacy.


Can Pills Increase Penis Size?

Man penis size

Once men learn a little bit more about the female sexual anatomy and physiology he might be glad he's on the smaller side. There are a couple of female hot spots that don’t require a big penis for maximum stimulation.


Can a Woman Have an Orgasmic Birth?

Orgasmic birth

Is it true that some women experience an orgasmic birth? Plus see how the medicalized birthing process makes it less enjoyable, even sensual, for too many pregnant women.


Can I Have Sex During My Period?

Period sex
There isn't any physiological reason why a couple shouldn't have sex during a woman's period. All aspects of her sexual response are the same. In fact, couples can use a vibrator or have oral sex, if they choose. (More...)

Woman Has Large Vagina

Large vagina

I am a woman who is very large vaginally. My husband is not small, but certainly not as large as I need and like. He enjoys and gets very excited pleasuring me with very large "toys" but I would like him to feel more when he is inside me himself. Any suggestions?


Her Vagina is Too Tight

Small vagina

Woman asks, "I have a tight vaginal canal. Are there any toys that won’t hurt me?" Plus watch video on why some women's vaginas are too tight and what is the best way for them to masturbate.


What Does An Orgasm Feel Like?

Orgasm feels like

All of my friends describe an orgasm as a time when you scream with delight and just feel altogether good and excited. I think that I have had an orgasm, but if it is like that I am unsure. Please describe what an orgasm is supposed to feel like.