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Relationship Questions

Common questions men ask about sex, sexuality and sexual health.


Boyfriend Doesn't Want Sex Anymore

Uphappy boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. Over the last two weeks he hasn't wanted to have sex with me and I'm starting to think its me. I've tried making the moves but he just rolls over or ignores me.


Her Ex Keeps Calling

Her ex calls
My girlfriend has a lot of guy friends calling our house. She calls her ex from her cell, and he calls her. We are having problems and she doesn't get horny anymore. Is it over or what? (More...)

Why Men Lose Their Sexual Libido

Low libido

What are the main causes of loss of libido in men and women? Which age-group of men are particularly susceptible? What about more unusual and/or weird remedies? Are we programmed to lose our libido?


Eleven Ways to Keep Passion Alive

Love and lust

The couples who have the lust and passion continue pay attention to it. It is a priority. Here are eleven proven ideas that will help long term couples keep it passionate in the bedroom.


Boyfriend Keeps Photos of His Ex

Pictures of ex

My new boyfriend still has all these pictures of his old girlfriend on the walls and constantly tells me 'how she never did things I do. He is a really sweet guy but I feel am getting mixed messages from him.


Man Expects Sex After Giving Massage

She wants massage
My girlfriend is all about massages. It always used to lead to sex, but lately she won't give it up after a rub down. I'm kind of confused. What is this all about? (More...)

Should a Cheater Kiss and Tell?

Cheat and tell
I cheated on my boyfriend and don't know whether I should tell him. I think it's better to not say anything and let it be water under the bridge. (More...)

Woman Can't Orgasm With Partner

Woman not orgasm

I can’t orgasm when I am with my partner. Is it him? Is it me? What can we do to change this?


She Wants to Stop Faking Orgasm

Bigstock slumber 6749468
I’ve been faking orgasms and I don’t know how to stop. Do I just tell him? How do I tell him? (More...)