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Sex Technique

Answering your questions about sexual technique.


Seven Tips On How To Give A Good Blow Job

Blow job

She's concerned about her blow job technique and asks for sex advice.

Here are seven excellent blow job sex tips. Plus find out how to give a blow job with a grapefruit (yes, you read that right).


How to Have Sex in Water

Sex on the beach

Having sex in water is a great way to add spice to your sex life. The key to fantastic water sex is to make sure you've got enough lubrication. Here is how to have sex at the beach, in a pool or shower.


Can Men Have Multiple Orgasms?

Multi orgasmic

I keep hearing about men who have these or do they? What is the real scoop here? The short answer is: yes. A male multiple orgasm occurs when a man experiences more than one orgasm with the SAME erection.


How Do I Enjoy the 69 Position?

Enjoy 69
It's really hard for me to do the 69 position because my tongue is not by the sensitive side of the penis. Other than trying it on your side, do you have any tips? (More...)

Woman Wants to Orgasm During Intercourse

Woman wants orgasm
Contrary to pop-culture belief, not all women can have a vaginal and g-spot orgasm. This is due to her genetics and not because she’s uptight and/ or doing something wrong during sex. (More...)

Girlfriend Wants Better Oral Sex

Oral sex1

My new boyfriend doesn’t like to give oral sex. I’m not satisfied without it but I don’t want to pressure him to do something he doesn’t want. How do I handle this?


Can She Masturbate While Pregnant?

Pregnant masturbation

A woman asks whether it's okay to masturbate during her pregnancy. As well, she wants to know if it's safe to orgasm during her pregnancy.


How Do I Get My G-Spot Back?

Finding g spot
Many years ago as a teen I used to ejaculate (I'm female) and BIG time!!! I am now 30 but for years now I have never ever once ejaculated again. I am thinking this is something psychological. As far as I know I don't and never had G-Spot orgasm, I think it was clitoral. I would really love to get it back. (More...)

Why Her Orgasms Feel Different

Orgasms feel different

Some of my orgasms feel very different from others. I usually get a great deal of enjoyment when he goes down on me and that is my quickest way to come, but if I do come when we are doing things doggy style, my orgasm feels even more so. Is this normal and is there a reason for this?


Can Scent Get You in the Mood?

Sexy scent
Scent certainly can help. Scent is the only sense out of the five that can bypass the rational brain and go straight to the limbic system, which is also in charge of your memory and emotions. (More...)