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Are Simultaneous Orgasms Realistic?

Simultaneous orgasm

A reader wrote to say he was concerned that he wasn’t able to have an orgasm at the same time as his partner. Here's why couples shouldn’t focus on simultaneous orgasm.


Can Sex Reduce Stress?

Sex reduces stress

Does having sex relieve stress for couples? Yes and no. Find out three ways a couple can reduce their stress so they feel more like having sex.


Having Sex With Your Smartphone?

Smartphone sex

According to one study, approximately 1 in 10 surveyed reported having used their smartphones during sexual activity. Although the stats sound  frightening, it should not come as a huge shock: young people report feeling “naked” without their smartphones.


Do Men and Women's Orgasms Feel Different?

Orgasm difference

Have you ever wondered if there is a difference in an orgasm experience for a man and woman? Find out. Plus, watch a demonstration of a full body orgasm using Tantric massage techniques.


Who Falls Asleep Faster Right After Sex?

Asleep after sex

Married men and women report they were equally likely to be the first one to fall asleep after having sex. Find out why to help create more couple intimacy, many are choosing to sleep in separate bedrooms.


What Men Think About During Sex

Men think

Check out this list of what some guys think about during sex; plus find out what a man's wants from his partner during sex.


Six Benefits of Post-Divorce Sex

Divorce sex

You’re divorced and ready to get physical again. It may seem daunting, especially if you haven’t been sexual with anyone new for years. Here are six major benefits to post-divorce sex.


How Parents Can Be Sexually Adventurous

Adventurous parents

Even though sex after baby (or kids) can be tricky, parents can be sexually adventurous. Here are some excellent ideas for parents who want to spice up their sex life.


The Best Female Orgasm Is...

Orgasm debate

Too many women believe there is something sexually wrong with her because she isn't able to have an orgasm during intercourse. Or she can't have a G-spot orgasm. How did all of this "I'm not having the 'right' orgasm" craziness get started?


8 Myths About Women's Sexual Desire

Sex myths

Do women have a lower sex drive than men? No!

There is so much misinformation floating around about women's sexual desire. Here are eight myths decoded based on the science of desire.


5 Myths About Female Sexuality

Myth female sex

There are many myths about female sexuality. These myths are difficult to debunk as they have a long history and thousands of urban legends to back them up. Here is the list of 5 1/2 myths you still might believe as true.


What Sex Dreams Reveal

Sex dreams

Our sex dream meanings sometimes reveal surprising things: the sex dreams you have during pregnancy, about ex, or with someone you know. It's like a secret garden where the gates are unlocked and thrown open, revealing pent-up feelings, thoughts and attitudes.