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Sexy Playtime

Here's the how to on making your sex life a lot more spicy.


Five Ways to Do It Doggy-Style

Doggy style

Check out these five hot position variations to take your tried and trusted doggie style to a whole new level. Plus here's why the doggie style sex position is stimulating for both men and women.


How to Give Him The Best Hand Job

Hand job

Here are the hand job basics as well as five sure fire techniques that will leave him aching for more of you.


Five New Ways to Do Missionary Sex

Missionary position

The missionary sex position is prized for its level of intimacy. Now you can add extra zest and try these five exciting sex positions; plus watch a video on how to do 'the drill' sex position.


Sensually Erotic Sex Tips

Sex tips

You cannot give your partner enough sexual touch. Here are sensually erotic sex tips for you to try to put a bit of sizzle back into your sex life.


Sensually Erotic Sex Tips: Part 2

Sensual sex

Here's how to make kisses that absolutely sizzle. Discover your partner's pleasure map; and filling your pleasure chest with sex toys. Plus how to put the sizzle back into your sex life.


Sensually Erotic Sex Tips: Part 3

Sensual sex2

Here are two fabulous foreplay techniques: one for her and one for him. Plus video shows sex tips, tools and techniques on how to give a sensual massage.


Sensually Erotic Sex Tips: Part 4

Sensual sex3

Two fantastic sex tips that's all about him. First learn how to make sex sizzle for him by finding his 'million-dollar-spot'.  Then here's a guaranteed way to help him last longer during intercourse. Plus much watch video on how he can do kegel exercises.


Try These Ten Sex Positions

Sex positions

If you are getting bored with doing it ‘missionary’ or ‘doggy-style’ here are ten sex positions that will keep you busy--and happy--for months to 'cum'.


Blow Her Mind Sexy Foreplay

Hot sex tips

Want to get her all hot and primed for an orgasm that tingles all over? Then take a page out of the ancient sex text, The Kama Sutra, and blow oh-so-gentle kisses her way until she’s begging for more.


Say "Yes Please" to Quickie Sex

Quickie sex

Let’s be honest, in a normal week, how many of us really have the time to roll out the rose petals, scented candles and fragrant oils? We’re likely to reserve these things for special events, as we seek to grab our sex quota between the waking baby, complaining teenager and our morning coffee.


Five Tips to Be a Kissing Pro

Kissing tips

Kissing is one of the most intimate ways we can connect with another person. With its swapping of spit, twisting of tongues and locking of lips, kissing has always been part of the language of love, yet only a few have mastered its techniques.


The Pinch 'n Groove Sex Move


You may already be a seasoned pro between the sheets but even an old dog can learn a few new tricks. Dr. Jess shares one of her favourite sex moves, the 'Pinch 'N Groove' which has received rave reviews from her clients.


Coital Alignment Technique

Cat position

One approach to orgasm-inducing intercourse involves the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT). The CAT is a basic modification of the missionary position that involves the man riding up on a woman’s pelvis so they can rock and rub the clitoris against the base of his penis and/or pelvic bone.


Four Things to Know About Anal Sex

Anal sex3

Many of us are curious about anal sex...but don't know how to do it. Here are four things you need to know before slippin' through the back door. It's a great introductory guide to anal sex.


The G-spot, A-spot, and U-spot Orgasms

G spot

Ashley Thompson explains the difference between the G-spot, A-spot, and U-spot sexual orgasm and why there is still such a debate in the sexual scientific community about these "hot-spots".


12 Things to Consider When Buying a Sex Toy

Buy sex toys

Today vibrators are mainstream and are sold in mass food and drugstores; on the shelves next to the condoms and lubes. What do you look for in a vibrator or toy? What's good? What's safe? All this answered, plus how to introduce toys into your bedroom.