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Open Relationships

The latest research for single sexuality.


Curious About the Swinging Lifestyle?


There are many theories on how, when and where swinging originated. Can swinging help a marriage? Find out where it all started, as well get a sneak peak into a lifestyle swinging couples retreat.


Is Polyamory Right For You?


Polyamory is when one or both partners in a relationship are consensually non-monogamous, meaning they can date and  have sex with others. Here are some things to think about before you put a profile on an alternative lifestyle dating service.


Are Open Relationships More Acceptable?

Open relationship

As society becomes more liberal is it reasonable to expect a romantic partner to remain monogamous? Find out more about open relationship and whether it is more acceptable by society.


University Students Want Threesomes?


The topic of group sex is not uncommon among discussions involving university students, yet fairly little is known about young people’s experiences with and interest in group sex. Here's what the research shows.


Would You Date a Bisexual?

Date bisexual

This is some cool home-grown research from the University of Ottawa regarding people’s perceptions of dating a bisexual in a casual, a dating, or while in committed relationship.


Before You Have a Threesome

Threesome rules

Having a threesome is a common fantasy. But before you take it from fantasy to reality, here is a checklist of things you need to discuss. Watch this video which explains how to negotiate what you want during a threesome.


Top Ten Reasons for Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits

Just because you are not in a relationship does not mean you are dead. And solo sex just doesn’t cut it sometimes. Here are the top ten ways friends with benefits provide convenient access to sex while not in a relationship.


Success Secrets to Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits2

Are there any secrets to a successful friends with benefits arrangement? It seems like they’re usually great in the beginning, but then one person develops feelings and things just get messy. Is there any way to keep things from getting so complicated?


More Couples Want Open Relationships

Non monogamy

Today we see more monogamous couples want to try open relationships. Is monogamy on the decline? Here's how you can talk to your partner about opening up your sexual relationship.