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Introducing BDSM into Lovemaking

Light bdsm

Are you interested in trying BDSM but aren't sure how to introduce it to your partner? Here are sex excellent tips and to take those first BDSM steps.


Dark Secret Love: Erotic Book Excerpt

Dark secret love

In spite of her good-girl persona, she was bad to the core. Spunky and self-sure Samantha may be submissive, but knows exactly what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to chase it.


The Delicious Torment: An Erotic Excerpt

The delicious torment

Samantha is back and takes the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and whips it into a frenzy by showing the stars of Tinsel-town who really has what it takes to make people scream. Our submissive heroine binds herself to Hollywood’s elite, and throws herself into a world of pure eroticism.


Cream: An Erotic Romance Excerpt

Cream erotic romance

Caroline is a jazz singer at the Cry River Club. She is on the rebound from her true love and master Marcus Sir, and is currently dating a guy called Luke. BUT Marcus Sir sometimes attends her performances at the jazz club…