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Five Ways to Get Revved Up For Sex

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Looking for ways to get in the mood for sex? Here are five fantastic (and easy) ways to get yourself revved up for sex. Also find out why some women don't enjoy the sexual experience.


Five Reasons Men Lose Interest in Sex

Low sexual desire

Many men suffer from low sexual desires. Here are the five biggest reasons why, along side ideas on how he can manage. As well, find out how low testosterone affects men as they age.


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When a Man Loses His Sex Drive


Men experience the same ebbs and flows to their sexual desire as women. Unfortunately, stereotypically men believe their sexual prowess is the indicator of their manhood--which makes it all that more devastating if he does lose his sexual desire.

In this video Dr. Trina talks about what to do if his sex drive has taken a nose dive and he "no longer feels like sex.