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What To Do For Low Testosterone

Testosterone therapy

Many men (and women) have low testosterone or hypogonadism. Before you consider taking testosterone understand the facts about testosterone replacement therapy. Instead consider these five ways to naturally boost your free testosterone.


Five Reasons Men Lose Interest in Sex

Low sexual desire

Many men suffer from low sexual desires. Here are the five biggest reasons why, along side ideas on how he can manage. As well, find out how low testosterone affects men as they age.


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Dr. Trina's Sex Talk: What Can Help A Woman's Low Libido?


For a woman experiencing a sexual low libido there are many options available to her. But is her best option the male hormone testosterone?

Sexologist, Dr. Trina Read answers, "I read somewhere that testosterone will help improve my low libido. Is this true?"

Please Note: After this video was made, the FDA approved Addyi for women.