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Is Bisexuality Simply a Trend?

Bisexual women

A recent shift has made bisexuality--specifically among women--trendy. Adolescent and young adult women hook-up to gain the attention of men. Plus, find out the myths and facts about being a bisexual.


Would You Date a Bisexual?

Date bisexual

This is some cool home-grown research from the University of Ottawa regarding people’s perceptions of dating a bisexual in a casual, a dating, or while in committed relationship.


Are Bisexuals Equally Attracted to Both Sexes?


How common is it for bisexuals to be equally attracted to both sexes? I have spoken to a few other bisexuals I know who claim that I am not alone--that they too have a slight (or major) preference for men or women, and that in fact this seems to be the case for most individuals who identify as bisexual.