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Six Ways Women Can Enjoy Sex

Women enjoy sex

Here are six issues that can affect a woman's ability to enjoy sex. For example, stress can have a huge impact on a person's sexual function. Find out ideas to help her do something about it.


How Body Image Affects Her Sex Life

Body concerns

Most women fret about her body image and it can profoundly affect her will, want and desire for sex. Here are useful tools on how NOT to let body image and self esteem worry escalate into big fears and sexual inhibitions.


Five Ways Stress Is Affecting Your Sex Life

Stressed sex

The effects of stress are insidious. It takes a toll on your physical, emotional and relationship health, probably more than you realize. Here are five ways stress can impact your sex life.


Love Your Curvy Body

Curvy body

Listen up ladies: contrary to popular belief most men don’t get excited over zero percent body fat. In fact, most men prefer women to be curvy and voluptuous. The Sex Doctors discuss why too many women are crippled with body issues.