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Why Does Someone Cheat?

Why someone cheats

Why should anyone think something as simple as a wedding ring or a serious commitment will keep individuals out of each other's hearts or underpants? Plus find out the ten biggest influences on why someone will cheat on their partner.


If You Cheat Should You Tell?


Is it okay to wriggle out of an affair without confessing to your partner what had been done? How do you define an affair and should you take someone back who has cheated on you?


Six Strategies to Manage Extramarital Attraction

Extramarital attraction

If you are going to strengthen your marriages, you must first understand how extramarital attractions can happen and then devise practical strategies for coping with them when they occur. Here's are six strategies.


Is Fantasizing About Other Women Cheating?

Cheating fantasy

Man asks if there a problem being sexually active with one partner but while having sex he is thinking about another women? Also find out what are men's most common fantasies.


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Dr. Trina's Sex Talk: When Does Virtual Sex Become Cheating?

Cyber sex

Online pornography, chat rooms and hooking up are here to stay. As such couples need to understand when virtual sex constitutes cheating. Or if someone is having more sex online than off line, is that unhealthy?

Sexologist, Dr. Trina Read, answers, "My husband goes onto My Space and 'hooks-up' with other players. Isn't this considered cheating?"