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911: An Erotic Short Story

911  erotic story

Like most people who lived in New Orleans, Claire was no prude. Waiting until a group of pedestrians went by she suddenly pulled her blouse over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She giggled as one man walked straight into a pole.


Late at the Office: An Erotic Short Story

Late at the office

It was going to be another long, boring evening at the office. Marie saw Alicia get up from her chair and head over to where Rich sat. Marie looked up at her, then darted a glance at Rich before rolling her eyes: the man seemed oblivious to female charms.


Grey's Lady: An Erotic Story

Grey's lady

It's spring 1812 in Philadelphia, PA and Grey couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Philadelphian women were the cream of the Republic, but damn if this one didn’t exceed all previous definitions. She looked up, giving him his first full sight of her face. Something caught in his chest.


A Measured Risk: An Erotic Story

A measured risk

He is her most dangerous temptation and now he is demanding her submission. Dare she take the risk? Emotionally scarred in the horrific accident that took her husband's life, Lady Cranfield longs to be closer to the fascinating Earl of Ruel.


32 Things You Can Learn From Porn

Porn lessons

Pornography is not meant to be sex education. It’s fiction. Period. That said, here’s relationship advice to help couple intimacy about what porn can teach us about sex. As well, what is the difference between male-porn and female-porn.


The Spin Cycle: An Erotic Story

Spin cycle

The kids are at the park. I'm alone in the laundry room. Sure there is a tonne of stuff to do but that can wait. I consider running off to the bedroom to grab my favourite vibrator, but instead wonder: Is it true that a washing machine can be a girl's best friend?


Elevator Love: An Erotic Story

Elevator love

As the elevator doors closed, I found my body drawn magnetically to yours. “What did you whisper in her ear?” I asked. Cinching the waist of my skirt, I feel your hands on the tops of my garters.


Drunken Blowjob: An Erotic Story

Drunken blowjob

Sam cannot hold her liquor. I'm not begrudging my girl a good time out but she always promises she'll be up for fun when we get home...and she never is. Until tonight. "You don't think I just want to fall asleep, do you?" Her hand snaked up to my ass and pulled me even closer.


Lilacs and Pussy: An Erotic Story

Merlin erotica

Lilith found herself in the meadow. Merlin’s eyes sang of want and desire as he could see her pale pink nipples even through this light material. Lilith’s tits instantly stood erect in the sun and wind.


Back Door Bliss: An Erotic Story

Backdoor erotica

I let my hand travel slowly down the perfect curve of her back. It warms considerably everywhere I touch. My movements may seem random and lazy, but I have a destination: her delicious ass.


Secretly Watching: An Erotic Story


Who could have made that noise? I hear two voices and I sneak closer to the fence. I strain to see over the fence to peak and my blanket falls from my body. I can't take my eyes off these two screwing like animals.


An Age Play: Erotic Story

Age play cover

As romance novelist Jean writes juicy sex scenes for Thorne Publishing, she acts them out with her husband. This book they are on a tropical island and he is a hot nineteenth-century naturalist. Find out what happens.


The General’s Wife: An Erotic Story

The general wife

New York, September 1777. Annabella knew she had what General Strathmore wanted and he paid her mother a handsome sum to live in his home as a lady's maid. Annabella held sway over the footmen, butler, and boy-of-all-work. Never, though, did she part with her virginity. Then she met groomsman Redmond Moncrief.


Sex Romp: An Erotic Story

Sexy romp

Pushing her onto his bed he needed to have her now. She had no idea what he had planned. From under the pillows he grabbed a scarf and blind folded her, "Don't worry baby, you can trust me."


Dark Secret Love: Erotic Book Excerpt

Dark secret love

In spite of her good-girl persona, she was bad to the core. Spunky and self-sure Samantha may be submissive, but knows exactly what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to chase it.


The Delicious Torment: An Erotic Excerpt

The delicious torment

Samantha is back and takes the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and whips it into a frenzy by showing the stars of Tinsel-town who really has what it takes to make people scream. Our submissive heroine binds herself to Hollywood’s elite, and throws herself into a world of pure eroticism.


Fantasy Breasts: An Erotic Short Story

Breasts by phone

Tammie couldn’t believe what was happening. The women’s magazine she was reading wasn’t meant to be titillating—yet she was staring at the model's big and perfect tits. Suddenly, having visions of her fiancé licking this model’s perfect breasts, hungrily lapping at her nipples, making the model plead and gasp.