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Woman Fantasizes About Female Coworker

Lesbian coworker

I have been having incredible dreams about a woman I work with. I've never done anything with a female but I do think she is hot and actually have considered asking her out for drinks after work. Does it mean I am a lesbian?


How To Share Fantasies with Your Partner

Sharing fantasy

Some people find sharing sexual fantasies with their partner embarrassing. Here's excellent sex advice on how you can share that kinky sexy side with them.


He Wants Three-Way Sex

Three way sex

My boyfriend keeps telling me he wants to have a three-way with another woman. I’m really not into this. In fact, it completely turns me off.


Top Nine Female Sexual Fantasies

Female fantasy

Fantasy is an essential part of women's sexuality but for some reason too many women are almost paralyzed by them and what they may mean about us. To help break this taboo, here is a list of women's top nine sexual fantasies.


32 Things You Can Learn From Porn

Porn lessons

Pornography is not meant to be sex education. It’s fiction. Period. That said, here’s relationship advice to help couple intimacy about what porn can teach us about sex. As well, what is the difference between male-porn and female-porn.


5 Myths About Female Sexuality

Myth female sex

There are many myths about female sexuality. These myths are difficult to debunk as they have a long history and thousands of urban legends to back them up. Here is the list of 5 1/2 myths you still might believe as true.


Is Fantasizing About Other Women Cheating?

Cheating fantasy

Man asks if there a problem being sexually active with one partner but while having sex he is thinking about another women? Also find out what are men's most common fantasies.


How To Talk To Your Partner About Unconventional Desires

Unconventional desires

Before talking with your partner about your more unorthodox desires, you need to clarify exactly what you want from the conversation. Here are three tips to start, as well how to bring up the conversation.