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Man Needs A Lot of Oral Stimulation

Oral sex

My boyfriend takes forever to come when I am giving him oral sex. I really like this man but I do not feel like I can please him. Any suggestions?


Why Do I Keep Losing My Erection?

Lose erection

Why do I keep losing my erection during intercourse and what can I do to stop it from happening in the future? Plus find out what men should do when he thinks he has ED (erectile dysfunction).


Oral Sex Like You've Never Known


There have been a number of tongue-shaped vibrators on the market in the past, but nothing like 'Sqweel.' This wonderful new toy will have you sqweeling for the other 364 days of the year as well.


Girlfriend Wants Better Oral Sex

Oral sex1

My new boyfriend doesn’t like to give oral sex. I’m not satisfied without it but I don’t want to pressure him to do something he doesn’t want. How do I handle this?


5 Myths About Female Sexuality

Myth female sex

There are many myths about female sexuality. These myths are difficult to debunk as they have a long history and thousands of urban legends to back them up. Here is the list of 5 1/2 myths you still might believe as true.