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What Is The Average Penis Size?

Penis size

There is a perpetuated myth that the bigger dick size the better. This is definitely not true. Find out the the average size American male penis.


Can Pills Increase Penis Size?

Man penis size

Once men learn a little bit more about the female sexual anatomy and physiology he might be glad he's on the smaller side. There are a couple of female hot spots that don’t require a big penis for maximum stimulation.


Does Penis Size Matter?

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Do women have an easier time reaching orgasm if their partner has a larger than average penis? For several decades, the answer reported in most sexuality textbooks has been an emphatic no. But what do women really think?


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When His Penis is Too Large

Large penis

What can a man and his partner do if he has a large penis. As well, Dr. Rachael provides tips on what the couple can you do to minimize discomfort.