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Make Intercourse A Lot More Interesting

Duet cockring

Vibrating C-Rings are a guy's and gals best friend. Dr. Brian dishes on what is a great product and what's not. Find out the difference between "The Big O" and "The Duet".


Set a Spark with a Sensual Game


Sensual games are wonderful relationship tools to discover more about you and your partner. They provide hours of erotic entertainment and titillating adventure. Most sex games are quite cheesy although there are a few on the market that are great.


Mastering Male Masturbation

Tenga flip

It's no secret what every man's favorite toy is... his dick! Experts report that about 94% of adult men masturbate regularly. So why not do it with an amazing masturbation sleeve or device?


Try This Couple's Vibrator

We vibe

Hands-free couple's vibrators have been created designed to be worn during intercourse. These 'C-shaped' toys have bullets on both ends and stimulate her clitoris and g-spot simultaneously, while sending vibes down his penis during intercourse.


Oral Sex Like You've Never Known


There have been a number of tongue-shaped vibrators on the market in the past, but nothing like 'Sqweel.' This wonderful new toy will have you sqweeling for the other 364 days of the year as well.


Make Anal Play More Fun

Rude boy

There are a number of amazing male toys on the market including male masturbation devices and cockrings, however, in this expose will focus on vibrating prostate gland toys for the guys.


Bringing Lubricant into the Bedroom

Lubriant choices

All sex is better with lubrication. But what is the best lubricant for you and your sexual experience. Find out all of your options from water based lubricant to 'organic'.


It's Sexy to Be An Eco-Sexual

Sexy ecosexual

What is an ecosexual, you might ask? It's being able to experience ultimate pleasure and be ethically conscience. And this eco conscientiousness is imperative for the success of our future and the future definitely looks sexy.


Her Vagina is Too Tight

Small vagina

Woman asks, "I have a tight vaginal canal. Are there any toys that won’t hurt me?" Plus watch video on why some women's vaginas are too tight and what is the best way for them to masturbate.