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Is your book club reading Dr. Trina’s new fiction, The Sex Course? Or do you and your friends want to learn Dr. Trina’s five-step Sex Boot Camp program? Then read on.

To celebrate the release of her audiobooks, The Sex Course, & Sex Boot Camp Dr. Trina will give 45-minute video calls until September 2024.

Get over ten of your besties and then click the button below to fill out an application form.

There are a limited number of spots available, so apply ASAP.

Get your group of ladies together for a sex talk with Dr. Trina.

Hi, I’m Dr. Trina Read

I’m a Canadian Sexologist. Guess what? I’ve cracked the long-term sex code.

Is your sex on life support? Do couple fights (or, absolutely no communication) create resentment, anxiety and anger making for an unpredictable relationship, stress for you partnership and unhappiness for everyone in the family?

I help women, like you, build her sexual self-confidence so she can have more fulfilling sex that nourishes her partnership. You then become the architect of the sexual experience you want. Because YOU deserve a deep, meaningful, and rich relationship with sex. And everyone wins.

My books, The Sex Course, Sex Boot Camp, and Till Sex, Do Us Part, are down-to-earth and funny road maps to living a sex life of abundance full of couple intimacy.

Sex Boot Camp

Sex is rarely about sex.
If it were, everyone would be having loads of it

The sex you’re having—or not having—tends to be a reflection of everything going on in your complicated and busy life.

That’s where Sex Boot Camp. Congrats, you’re exactly in the right place.

Inside this workbook you will find a practical, easy-to-follow, five-step program that will take your sex life from just meh to toe-curling, oh-yeah!

Coming out April 2024.

Praise for Dr. Trina’s Books

A must read for couples who want to kick start a lackluster sex life. Dr. Trina’s book shows why your sex and intimacy went flat, how to get it back on track, plus what to do to make sex fabulous.

Marian Keyes, International best selling author

Finally, a down to earth, entertaining book that shows busy women how to feel sexy again!

Wendy Sandwith, Host, Breakfast Television Edmonton

Working moms rejoice! Dr. Trina’s tell-all book shows you how to create much needed sex and intimacy with your partner—even when up to your eye balls in work and kids.

Kathryn Bechthold, Publisher, Mompreneur Magazine

Create your sexy mindset, revolutionize your relationship, and have the sex YOU desire!

Dr. Trina Read