Different Sized Breasts

My left breast is bigger than my right one. I’m kind of embarrassed about it. I stuff my bra so I look normal. I just met a guy and I’m worried about taking my shirt off in front of him. What should I do?

Unless we’re talking balloon to golf ball sized differences in the girls, you’re perfectly normal.

In fact, research shows that 40% of women have different shaped breasts.

Breasts often develop unevenly during adolescence. If you’re still developing, they could even out.

Women put so much pressure on themselves to look perfect. Girls often ask themselves if their boobs are too small, too big, too firm, and/or too saggy?

You and the rest of your sisters need to embrace what your mama gave you, whether you think they’re Pamelas or not.

And, you shouldn’t be too concerned with showing your ill-matched boobs to your new fellow. Male and female bodies are not perfectly symmetrical.

We all need to be happy with the body we have.

Watch this segment from The Doctor's TV show which talks about whether women should get breast implants.

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