How To Deal With a Long Foreskin

I just started seeing this guy about a month ago. I really like him and all, but I think he’s kind of deformed. His foreskin is freakishly long. I haven’t been with too many guys, but I know when something is off down there.

It doesn’t bother me during intercourse, but when I give him oral sex I pretty well gag on all that skin. I want to stay with him, but what can I do about his massive foreskin?

I’m not sure how long a ‘freakishly’ long foreskin is, but I’m assuming his tickle trunk doesn’t retract over the head of his penis when he’s erect. When most uncut guys get an erection, their foreskin moves over their glans.

In fact, it is often difficult to tell if a guy is uncut when he’s hard. Your guy was born with a little more trunk than most.

It sounds like it works for intercourse because there’s more junk to stimulate you. But like you mentioned too much casing at the end of his sausage can be a pain in the butt in the mouth.

I would suggest you push the foreskin down when you are going down on your guy. Hold it in place while sucking on his knob. You can slowly move the foreskin back and forth, but don’t let his macro derma dick get out of control.

I worry that you think he’s deformed. Do you think he has issues with the amount of outer membrane on his member? If so, talk to him and let him know he’s normal.

Even better, tell him that all that extra skin adds his girth during intercourse. Most guys love their penises regardless if they’re cut or uncut. I’m sure your guy loves his too.

He might wish he had less skin, but I’m sure he’s learned to accept it.

If you really love him, you should love him for all of his qualities, whether you see them as good or bad. If you just can’t get over the tickle in his trunk, you might just need to end it.

Laci Green discusses why foreskin is an important part of his sexual experience.

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